Environmental Champions

We’re a thriving, diverse campus of people with the capacity to make a positive environmental impact far greater than the sum of our parts. If we work together.

If you’ve a passion for creating a better environment, we need your help.

Make a difference

When we say we’re committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance we mean it – but sometimes it takes more than KPIs and policies to make change happen.

Our Environmental Champions see the effect of our actions in practice on the day to day life of our campus. They see the successes, the ‘could do betters’ and the items to address for the future.

As an Environmental Champion you get to inform the debate. You contribute to what we do next. You influence those around you to care as much as you do. And you help make change – whether it’s new recycling initiatives or support for Fairtrade products – stick.

In return, we promise to take your comments seriously, and investigate your suggestions.

How to get involved

Become an Environmental Champion and influence our work on sustainability and the environment - contact us.