Environmental Management

We are working together to manage our environment and lower our carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and create a sustainable place to live, work and study.  

    14001 Environmental Management System

Sustainable Food

We have achieved the Food For Life catering mark in 8 venues by serving quality, locally sourced, sustainable food. 

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Waste and Recycling

We have increased our recycling rate by 68% in 7 years, find out how what we're doing to recycle even more.

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We are seeing increasing numbers of staff and students use public transport, cycling and car sharing. This has reduced travel emissions by 24% and helped us to beat our 2015 target three years early! 

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Sustainable Procurement

From furniture to staff travel, we’re buying greener products and services to reduce the environmental impact of what we do.

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Green IT

Less power when it’s in use. Less power when it’s not. We’re reducing the energy our IT equipment uses.

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