Car Sharing

Staff Car Share Permit for 2018/19

The cost of the Staff Car Share Permit is just £70 for 2018/19! The cost of the permit is to be shared between 2 and 5 car sharers so you won't have to pay more than half this fee yourself. The permit is aimed at staff that can car share around 4 days per week throughout the year.

Staff will need to register 2 or more vehicles onto a single permit and split the cost of the permit between the users, thus offering a significant financial incentive. Users of the Staff Car Share Permit are eligible to park in the Staff Parking Zone, Visitor Parking Zone and the South West Campus Parking Zone.

Staff registered on this permit are entitled to claim up to 25 free one-day parking staff scratchcards each (pro-rata for part-time staff based on full-time employment) to cover staff absences, emergencies, etc. This number of free scratchcards also allows registered users to car share 4 days a week and park free for the 5th day every week of the year. The Car Share Permit is transferable between the registered vehicles only and can be used to park in any zone. Each car sharer must provide details of their own vehicle to register onto the Car Share Permit. The yellow Staff Scratchcards are valid only in Staff and South West Campus Parking Zones and not in the Visitor Zones. They are now also restricted for use in the year stated on the top of the scratchcards.

How to apply

University staff should select this benefit through the Flexible Benefits scheme.

Non-University staff should apply at the Car Parking Office in the Security Lodge.

To qualify, each registered staff member must have held an annual car parking permit during 2017/18 or be a new member of staff. Can't find a colleague to car share with? You can search for a car sharing match on the Shared Wheels car sharing website for Lancashire.

Guaranteed Ride Home Scheme

Guaranteed ride home for staff car share permit holders. Find out more by reading the Guaranteed Ride Home Policy for car sharers.

Sharedwheels Car Sharing Scheme

Sharedwheels is a free online contact system for potential car sharers. Register Now.