Governance of Environmental & Sustainability Issues

Our governance structure gives us the strategic, financial and environmental oversight to drive the change we need. It ensures that projects are delivered on time, on budget, and produce the expected benefits for the University community and the environment.

Green Lancaster

Green Lancaster encompasses all groups and individuals that are working towards sustainability and environmental projects at Lancaster University. This includes CEEB, CEMENT, Green Lancaster volunteering, energy and environment managers and Environmental Champions. It also includes the catering team and their sustainable actions, along with waste management, procurement of goods and tuition based around sustainability and the environment.


The Carbon and Environment Executive Board (CEEB) is the senior team that ensures our sustainability work has the resilience, strategy and people it needs to succeed.

CEEB owns Lancaster University’s Carbon Management Plan (CMP) and is responsible for oversight of the Plan’s implementation by CEMENT.


The Carbon and Environment Management Team (CEMENT) comprises representatives from across the University, from Operations to Finance, Infrastructure to Communications. It is responsible for delivering our environmental improvement projects. The team reports to the CEEB.