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Lancaster University Travel Plan

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What is the Travel Plan?

The Travel Plan aims to support and enable University operations and development; encourage and facilitate sustainable transport choices for staff, students and visitors; and continually reduce the negative impacts of travel such as congestion, carbon emissions and air pollution.

As well as being a self-contained document, the Travel Plan forms part of the overarching Facilities Sustainability Strategy. The Facilities Sustainability Strategy draws together, and puts into context all Facilities environmental sustainability strategies and plans including the Travel Plan, Ecology Plan, Behaviour Change Plan, Energy and Utilities Plan, Carbon Management Plan, and Waste Plan. 

A 24% reduction in carbon emissions from staff and student commuting has already been achieved.

Real time bus information at the University, at Lancaster Bus Station and on the iLancaster smartphone app.

The achievements of Lancaster University Travel Plan have been recognised within the HE/FE sector and further afield, with our Travel Plan being a case study example of a successful approach to sustainable travel planning.

We've done some great things

Since its adoption in 2005, the Lancaster University Travel Plan has been highly successful. The achieved outcomes have been recognised within the sector as a case study example of a successful approach to sustainable travel planning. Many of these plans are co-ordinated through Green Lancaster, a partnership between the University and the Students' Union which engages and promotes sustainability via a diverse range of projects.

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