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Seminar Series 2019-20

2019/20 Seminars

The Ruskin Seminars invite scholars, artists and thinkers to explore how Ruskin's ideas can unlock the pressing cultural, social and environmental issues of today and tomorrow. This year, our seminars explore the relevance of Ruskin’s thinking to topics ranging from ecological crisis to evolutionary theory.

Friday 18 October: Franziska Schenk will open the 2019/20 seminars by casting a close eye on Ruskin’s high-resolution nature-centric artwork to extend the Victorian’s sharp-focused vision into the contemporary nano-realm.

Thursday 31 October: Dr Mark Frost speaks about his research into waterways, bodies and ecocrisis in Victorian Britain, with reference to Ruskin’s often misunderstood efforts to cleanse the River Wandel at Carshalton, in Surrey, during the 1870s.

Thursday 19 March 2020: Dr Fredrik Albritton Jonsson explores fossil fuels, economic growth, and the relevance of Ruskin's thinking to understanding the ecological concerns of the late nineteenth century as well as in our own era.

Thursday 30 April 2020: Dr Suzanne Fagence Cooper will examine the interconnections between Ruskin’s observations of changing Alpine skyscapes and landscapes over 40 years, and his own concerns about personal fragility and decline. (Rescheduled from February)

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