The Performances of his Friends: Artists in Ruskin’s Circle

28 September - 22 December 2002

As a patron of the Arts and a critic, John Ruskin influenced the art and society of his day. This exhibition, drawn entirely from our Whitehouse Collection, comprised works of his close friends, pupils and protégés.

Charles Herbert Moore: Village in the Simplon, 1877

As a teacher and friend, Ruskin influenced and encouraged many of those around him to pursue art and develop as artists themselves. On display in this exhibition were works by Isabella Jay (who copied J.M.W. Turner for Ruskin), Edward Burne-Jones, Albert Goodwin, Arthur Severn, Charles Fairfax Murray, Kate Greenway, Francesca Alexander and many others.

W.G. Collingwood: Street in Lucca (Via Fillungo), 1882; T.M. Rooke: Fiterne, above Sallanches, 1887