Furness College

The Furness College Logo Furness lies to the north of Morecambe Bay and stretches from the dockyards of Barrow-In-Furness to the mountains above Coniston in the Lake District. Furness became part of the borough when it came into the possession of Honour of Lancaster in the 12th century. The economy of Barrow in Furness prospered under the influence of the Cistercian Monks of Furness Abbey and later with the mining of iron, steel and shipbuilding. Furness Abbey remains to this day and is the 2nd largest Cistenan abbey in the country. Barrow became an important ship-building port, though today the area’s industry is in decline.

Furness College was the fifth of the university colleges to open. Planning of the college started in 1966 when a 12 person planning committee chaired by Professor Reynolds (founding principal of Furness) set up to design the buildings and faculties of the college. The Committee worked for two years and the college was officially opened in 1968.

The logo on the College notepaper displays a transect from the industrial fringes of Barrow inland towards the Lake District. Furness residence blocks are named after various towns and villages within this area.

Furness is of course home to the History Department.

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