Truth Lies Open to All

Our motto is taken from a medical pamphlet called Famosa Apologia, which dates from around the early seventeenth century.

Translated from Latin, the phrase “Patet omnibus veritas” means “truth lies open to all”. There is also a longer translation:

Those who were before us are not our masters but our leaders. Truth lies open to all. It is not yet anyone’s possession. Much of it is left, even for those to come. Nothing, indeed, is more hostile to truth than to take away freedom of speculation.

The Lancaster University Coat of ArmsThe motto is used on the arms of the University.

The wavy line refers to the river Lune and the two roses are taken from the arms of the Lancashire county council. The open book represents learning and the Lion comes from the arms of the duchy. The quilled pens refer to the learned activities of the university and the rams head, from which the pens protrude, comes from the county of Westmorland. The supporting bull comes from the arms of Cumberland Council and the dragon represents the ancient kingdom of Cumbria. Finally, the flower comes from the arms of the council and the Fleurs de Lis is from the arms of the city of Lancaster.

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