Pendle College

Photograph of Pendle Hill

Pendle College lies to the East of the region and was named after Pendle Hill. Pendle Hill, a feature that dominates the landscape, guards the roads from Lancashire to Yorkshire. Pendle Hill constitutes the remains of a vast plateau (the delta of an ancient river) of sedimentary rocks that lie over an ancient limestone bed. There is evidence of Stone Age and Bronze Age activities in the area but the Celts are responsible for re-naming the hill Pendull.

More information on the Pendle area

The term ‘Pendle’ is associated with a great deal of fantasy and legend. Although named after the magnificent Pendle Hill, the area is perhaps more well- known for its association with the infamous Pendle Witches a subject which continues to excite people even today.

Pendle College is the newest of all the colleges at Bailrigg and was initially part of Grizedale College until the two were separated in 1992. Designed in part by Marcus Merriman, the old college used to house the visual arts department and the Peter Scott Gallery, hence when you gaze up towards what is now the side of the Management school, you will see large North facing windows that were built to allow light into the gallery. Within the Peter Scott Gallery itself (which is now within the Great Hall) there was a curious looking lift shaft that was often confused for contemporary, installation art but this was in fact a remnant from the early days of the college. Ex students of Pendle might remember the old bar, The Pendle Witch and a sandwich shop run by a lady called May who “called everybody love” according to Tony McEnery from the Linguistics Department.

The college crest depicts a lion (representing the Norman lords of the area, the de Lacy’s) standing on top of Pendle Hill with a witches broom. The Latin motto “Altiora sequamor” means “Seek to climb to the top.”

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