The Storey Family

The legacy of the Storey family is deeply rooted in the history of Lancaster. The Storeys arrived in Lancaster from Bardsea in Furness (now in South Cumbria) during 1835.

Isaac and Phoebe Storey married in 1821 and were drawn to Lancaster in the hope that the town would provide better opportunities for their children. Their eldest child John (b. 1822) became a land surveyor and later employed his brother Thomas (b.1825) in the same trade. Thomas would later join his brothers William (b.1823) and Edward (b.1829) to form the Storey Company which opened its doors on the 14th September 1848. This produced table baize and oil cloth and grew to become one of Lancaster’s largest employers by the end of the century. The success of the company ensured that the Storeys would become eminent members of Lancaster’s local elite, symbolised by the purchase of this country estate..

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