Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board supported the Research Team in theoretical and empirical approaches.

Charlie Eaton

Dr Charlie Eaton, the University of California Merced, USA

Charlie Eaton is an Assistant Professor at the University of California Merced. Charlie’s research investigates the role of organisations in the interplay between economic elites and disadvantaged social groups. His work asks what forms of organisation strengthen elite efforts to consolidate power in politics and the economy? Alternatively, what are effective organisational structures and strategies by which non-elites can achieve more equitable distributions of power, wealth, and status? He is the author of Bankers in the Ivory Tower: The Troubling Rise of Financiers in U.S. Higher Education (University of Chicago Press 2022).

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Bob Lingard

Emeritus Professor Bob Lingard, the University of Queensland, Australia

Professor Bob Lingard is a Professorial Fellow at the Australian Catholic University’s Centre for Digital Data and Assessment in Education. He is also Emeritus Professor at the University of Queensland, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in the UK. Professor Lingard has an international research reputation in the areas of sociology of education and education policy, and has published widely in these fields. He has authored or edited 25 books and published more than 150 journal articles and book chapters.

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Noortje Marres

Professor Noortje Marres, the University of Warwick, UK

Noortje Marres is Professor in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at the University of Warwick. Her work contributes to the interdisciplinary field of Science, Technology and Society (STS) and investigates issues at the intersection of innovation, publics, environment and everyday life. She has contributed to the development of digital methods of issue mapping across science, public policy and activism, and has written extensively about the changing relations between social science and social life in a digital age. She is currently the PI for the ESRC funded, international project Shaping AI: Controversy and Closure in Research, Policy and Media.

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Joshua Mok Ka-ho

Professor Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Professor Joshua Mok Ka-ho is the Vice-President and concurrently Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of Comparative Policy of Lingnan University in Hong Kong. Before joining Lingnan, he was the Vice President (Research and Development) and Chair Professor of Comparative Policy of The Education University of Hong Kong, and the Associate Dean and Professor of Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences of The University of Hong Kong. Prior to this, Professor Mok was appointed as the Founding Chair Professor in East Asian Studies and established the Centre for East Asian Studies at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

Professor Fabian Muniesa, École des Mines de Paris, France

Professor Fabian Muniesa is a research director at Mines ParisTech (the Ecole des Mines de Paris). Originally trained as a sociologist, he has developed expertise in fields such as science and technology studies, economic sociology, economic anthropology and organisation studies. His current areas of interest and research projects include: the sociology of finance, the anthropology of capitalism, the history of experimental methods in the social sciences, the pragmatics of calculation, and the politics of innovation.

Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

Dr Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, the University of California San Diego, USA

Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra is an Associate Professor at the University of California San Diego. He was previously an Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research explores the connections between markets, cultures, and technologies. Combining theoretical insights from economic sociology and science and technology studies, he researched the automation of stock exchanges, valuation practices in art markets, and research evaluations in higher education. Juan Pablo has recently authored Automating Finances (Cambridge University Press, 2019) and The Quantified Scholar (Columbia University Press, forthcoming).

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Susan Robertson

Professor Susan Robertson, the University of Cambridge, UK

Susan L. Robertson is currently Professor of Sociology of Education and Head at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK. Prior to Cambridge, Susan has held professorial posts in Bristol, UK, Auckland, and Perth, Australia. Over the years she has pursued a research and teaching agenda broadly concerned with transformations of the state and education, the changing geographies of state projects, the rise of global and regional actors in education, and how these shifts selectively alter distributional politics and outcomes. Susan is founding editor and currently Editor in Chief of Globalisation, Societies and Education.

Ben Williamson

Dr Ben Williamson, the University of Edinburgh, UK

Ben Williamson is a Chancellor's Fellow at the Centre for Research in Digital Education and the Edinburgh Futures Institute, examining the ways educational futures are made and contested at the intersections of digital technologies, science, finance and data with policy and governance. His current research focuses on educational futures-making across a number of domains of socio-digital and data-intensive practice. Ben is an editor of the journal Learning, Media and Technology and maintains the research blog Code Acts in Education. He is the author of Big Data in Education: The digital future of learning, policy and practice (Sage, 2017).

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