Stakeholders Forum

The Stakeholder Forum supported the Research Team from a practice perspective. Members offered feedback on the research as it unfolded. The Stakeholder Forum was also engaged in the knowledge co-production at particular points of the project, especially in Phase 3.

Some stakeholders are based in the UK whilst others are overseas.

UK HE stakeholders

Alex Bols

Alex Bols, GuildHE

Alex Bols is the Deputy CEO of GuildHE and works closely with the CEO in developing and managing all aspects of the organisation’s mission and strategy. GuildHE is a representative body for 57 universities and colleges and he sits on the several national HE committees including the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment, UUKi International Strategic Advisory Board and observing the AdvanceHE Board. Alex is Vice Chair of the University College of Osteopathy and on the Board at Writtle University College and is studying for his Doctor of Education at UCL’s Institute of Education.

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Rob Copeland

Rob Copeland, University and College Union

Rob Copeland is a policy officer with the University and College Union (UCU) in the UK. His areas of responsibility include international affairs and UK education policy issues such as teaching, research, academic freedom and governance. Rob is the Chair of the ETUCE’s Higher Education and Research Standing Committee (HERSC).

Christopher Hale

Christopher Hale, previously Universities UK

Christopher Hale was Director of Policy at Universities UK, leading on the development and delivery of UUK’s policy work. He was previously Assistant Director at UUK and led on a number of areas of work including efficiency and effectiveness and the regulation of higher education. He has significant expertise in research policy, working as a policy adviser on this issue for UUK for a number of years. Christopher is a governor of the Eliot Bank and Gordonbrock Schools Federation in South East London and hold degrees from the University of Sussex and from University College London.

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Charlie Leyland

Charlie Leyland, Office for Students

Charlie is currently the Access and Participation Plan manager at the Office for Students, having previously been a manager of the Teaching Excellence Framework. Recently, she co-authored Gravity Assist, a review of digital teaching led by Sir Michael Barber. She is interested in how government, regulatory systems, universities and students can work together to revolutionise learning, build a fairer society and create a more sustainable future. She has a range of experience in the UKHE sector from being a student representative member on the NUS National Executive Committee, to working at the Quality Assurance Agency in the Chief Executive’s Unit, and in the quality enhancement team at the University of Exeter.

Lawrie Phipps

Professor Lawrie Phipps, Jisc

Lawrie Phipps is the Senior Research Lead at Jisc, his current portfolio includes research into institutional digital practices, digital leadership and a range of emerging issues impacting on digital experiences in education and digital transformation. He is a qualified executive coach and has worked with a range of individuals and teams to support change initiatives in universities over more than 25 years. He is a professor of digital education and leadership at the Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE).

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Stakeholder Forum - International members

Svenia Busson

Svenia Busson, CEO of LearnSpace, France

Svenia Busson is a global Learning Innovation explorer, she travelled 19 countries to find the most innovative teaching and learning practices with her think tank Edtech Tours. She is the author of Exploring the Future of Education a book about education innovations in Europe and is now running LearnSpace, a Learning Innovation Hub in Paris which also hosts a number of Edtech startups. She co-founded both Edtech France and the European Edtech Alliance, two industry associations representing the Edtech sector.

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Enrico Poli

Enrico Poli, Zanichelli Venture, Italy

As a director of Zanichelli Venture, Enrico Poli is looking for nascent companies who are tilling daring ideas about education and technology and searching for pre-seed or seed funding to grow these ideas into products empowering anyone – from children and parents to adult, professional lifelong learners and their mentors and coaches – to learn and teach better. He cares about how people teach and learn, how they tackle complex or difficult information, how they get to solve problems together, studying the ways new technologies can help and not hinder them. Education offers a critical testing ground.

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Mihaela Tabacaru

Mihaela Tabacaru, JA Norway, Norway

Mihaela Tabacaru is an organisational psychologist and edu-preneur with more than 20 years of experience with education and development in various domains. She currently works as the Leader for Higher Education at JA Norway (Ungt Entreprenørskap). In this capacity, she focuses on learning design that encompasses innovation and entrepreneurial skills for transformational learning.

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