Graphene Synthesis and Characterisation for Applications

V. Falko (Lancaster, UK)
Physics Dept, Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YB, UK
Fax: +44 1524 844037

Vladimir Falko (Lancaster)
Mikito Koshino (Tohoku)
Thomas Lofwander (Chalmers)
Edward McCann (Lancaster)

This workshop will focus on the methods of growth/synthesis of graphene and its characterisation techniques, addressing the pressing need to develop processes for sustainable mass production of this material for applications.

The growth techniques will include CVD growth on metals and dielectrics, sublimation on SiC, or any new methods to make graphene. Characterisations of the growth product will include all types of spectroscopic studies, surface imaging, studies of defects and charge and spin transport. The search for the new methods of manufacturing automatically thin films will not be confined to only graphene, but also extend into BN and silicene layers.

The programme of the workshop will also include a consultation session discussing the issues in the roadmap of graphene science and technology.

Invited Speakers

Jong-Hyun Ahn (SKKU - Korea)
Vincent Bouchiat (CNRS Grenoble)
Toshiaki Enoki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge)
Sergey Ganichev (Regensburg)
Masataka Hasegawa (NIMS)
Mikito Koshino (Tohoku)
Sergey Kubatkin (Chalmers)
Guy Le Lay (CINaM-CNRS, Marseille)
Max Lemme (KTH)
Satoru Masubuchi (Tokyo)
Takahiro Morimoto (Univ of Tokyo)

Barbaras Oezyilmaz (Singapore)
Leonid Ponomarenko (Manchester)
Marek Potemski (Grenoble HMFL-CNRS)
Vito Raineri (Catania)
Kenichi Sasaki (NTT)
Thomas Seyller (Erlangen)
Masashi Shiraishi (Osaka Univ)
Alexander Tzalenchuk (NPL)
Katsunori Wakabayashi (NIMS)
Bart van Wees (Groningen)
Rositza Yakimova (Linkoping)
Michihisa Yamamoto (Tokyo)


NT-MDT Scanwel

The meeting program starts after dinner on 15 November, and runs through 16 and 17 November. The Roadmap discussion session is planned for 17 November.

Workshop programme (PDF) Updated

Accommodation and Venue

The meeting will take place in Lakeside hotel on lake Windermere. The participation cost covers full-board hotel expenses: single room at the rate £170 per full day; shared twin room at the cost of £120 per day per person.


Closest train stations which can be reached from Manchester Airport and London are Oxenholme Lake District and Windermere; competitively priced taxi can be arranged by contacting the hotel (tel. +44 (0)15395 30001). On 15 Nov, we shall arrange for a bus leaving at 12:00 from Manchester Airport, and between 3 pm and 6 pm there will be several shuttle bus services from Oxenholme station to the hotel.

Online Registration

Registration deadline: 1 November 2011. The registration is now closed.