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Field Theory of
Quantum Coherence, Correlations, and Mesoscopics

Euro-Summer School on Condensed Matter Theory
9-22 August 2004, Windsor (UK)

Director: Vladimir Falko
Physics Dept., Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YB, UK
Fax: (44)-1524 844 037

Organising Committee:
Thierry Giamarchi (Geneve)
Igor Lerner (Birmingham)
Jan von Delft (Munchen)

Cumberland Lodge

The purpose of this EuroSummer School is to present a comprehensive course in field-theoretical applications to correlation effects in disordered and mesoscopic systems and degenerate ultra-cold atomic gases. The course will provide an introduction into these topics and an overview of standard and recently emerged non-perturbative techniques used in studies of interaction effects in low-dimensional systems, nanostructures, pattern formation in statistics problems, and also statistical learning theory. Lectures in theoretical methods will be complemented by reviews of advanced experiments on mesoscopic electron systems and BEC, and focused research seminars.

This School is the third Condensed Matter Theory School in Windsor, following ESQN' 99 and NATO ASI SCFB' 01.


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