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Databases and Learning Activities



This part of the site includes several different types of intercultural learning activities.

The ICP:SARA database includes diaries which students wrote while abroad and interviews and focus groups conducted after their return, focusing on intercultural issues.  It can be used on its own by simply searching the database, or the learning activities on this site can be drawn on to use the database in a more structured way.  The database contains a large amount of data, and the learning activities are designed to help students conduct their own research into intercultural experience through searching the database in various ways.

The STEFE databases developed at Homerton College, Cambridge include interviews and diaries with French and British PGCE / Maîtrise students, who undergo their teacher training both in France and in Britain.  The learning activities associated with this database focus on specific extracts from the data.

The Other Resources section contains references to learning activities which we have come across in the course of our research. 

The New Ideas section is a list of further ideas for intercultural learning activities developed in less detail, designed as a stimulus for further development by teachers.