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Intercultural Activities Working Party

University of Central Lancashire St Martin's College
University of Central Lancashire and St Martin's College

Aims and objectives

  • To review and report on current practice for raising students’ intercultural awareness in their preparation for the period of residence abroad from a selection of UK HE institutions.
  • To review current literature including conference reports and available information from national projects;
  • To select examples from current practice, using information gathered from fellow HE institutions, the three national RAM projects and recent conferences and publications;
  • To inform future good practice in the field of activities relating to the period of residence abroad.


The review will concentrate on activities falling within the following two domains:

concepts of culture social and self -awareness
e.g., examining own culture, deconstructing stereotypes... e.g., exploring expectations, setting goals...

It will identify typologies of activities which are used for learning within the domains above, such as:

- critical incidents analysis

- focus groups

- simulations

- games and quizzes

- discussions with returnees and resident international students

- preparation for cultural assignments

- questionnaires

- diaries

- ethnographic research exercises

It will review the incorporation of such activities into different types of curricula and identify areas for further developmental work in the field.


  • Review of current literature and practices in Intercultural awareness raising.
  • Identification of criteria for effective learning activities.
  • Detailed samples of effective learning activities within the framework of Preparation for the Period Abroad.


Download the sub-project report Raising Intercultural Awareness in preparation for periods of residence abroad as an RTF file (approx 210K).

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