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Annual bulletin


Our annual publication can be read, downloaded and printed by following the links below.


CeNtreWoRdS - 2012 Edition

CeNtre WoRds 2012 Full Text

CeNtre WoRds 2012 Index

CeNtre WoRds 2012 Article 1 - 'Westmorland Services'

CeNtre WoRds 2012 Article 2 - 'Himalayan Balsam'

CeNtre WoRds 2012 Article 3 - 'Brun and Brunanburh'

CeNtre WoRds 2012 Article 4 - 'Community History: VCH Cumbria'

CeNtre WoRds 2012 Article 5 - 'CNWRS Study Days 2011-12, including the 39th Annual Archaeology Forum'

CeNtre WoRds 2012 Article 6 - 'Bibliography'

Text and Illustrations Copyright © CNWRS and the individual contributors 2012. All rights reserved. The moral rights of the authors have been asserted. Requests for the copyright owner's permission to reproduce any part of this publication, excluding printing and/or electronic storage for private use only, should be made through the Centre for North-West Regional Studies, Lancaster University.


CeNtre WoRdS

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