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Volunteering for Victoria County History

Anyone with experience of research in local and regional history, or in family history can contribute to the project.

Why Volunteer?

  • To contribute to a programme of focused, serious study with an end-result which will last for decades as work of reference.
  • To gain the satisfaction of working as part of a common endeavour.
  • To enhance your research skills and experienc

What our volunteers say:

‘I think the biggest impact on many of us is being able to make a real contribution to a national historical publication and, as a result, becoming ... more “professional” in our approach to local history’

‘this is a tremendous opportunity to enhance our skills and achievements ... It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this to us’


Get in Touch

If you are interested in volunteering for VCH Cumbria, please contact the assitant editor, Sarah Rose.


Tel: 01524 593141


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