The Medieval Players Archive

The Medieval Players were a professional touring company throughout the eighties and early nineties, performing plays not always English (Calderon’s Great Theatre of the World), medieval (Mother Courage – a new version based on Grimmelshausen), or even plays (Piers Plowman and The Marriage of Panurge). Their artistic policy realised an eclectic style which drew on research into medieval principles of production, including juggling, fire-eating, dancing and music.

On disbanding, the Medieval Players presented their archive to the York Doomsday Project. It contains posters, programmes, press-cuttings, fan (and hate) mail, videos and tour schedules as well as account books charting the fluctuating fortunes of a touring company killed by the policies of a Thatcherite Arts Council. It awaits a suitable research student to sort and interpret its content.

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