In this course we will be working on electronic facsimiles of original manuscripts. These are made with specialist electronic cameras which can scan at a very high resolution. Most of the images in this course are made from high-resolution scans and then reduced as necessary to fit the screen.

Here is a scaled-down image of a manuscript page. It displays at roughly the same size as the original (if you canít see it all on your screen, use the scroll bar):


© Meg Twycross

This image is still readable, but for larger version (still not the original size), click on the word ENLARGEMENT, and one will appear. Be patient: it is a big file and may take some time.

You will learn how to cut out bits of these facsimiles in order to paste them into your descriptions. Here is a cut-out from the original full-size image:


To copy the facsimile above to your machine, so that you can play with it, and print it out, click on the picture with the right-hand side of the mouse. A window will appear asking you to ĎSave Image As ...í. Click on this and a window will open with the file-name and drive number. Save it on the floppy disk in your A: drive. You can then view it on Paintshop Pro or another graphics package.
Now go to the larger version and do the same with that.

If you have time you can look at another facsimile;

or a really silly picture.

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