Secretary Anglicana 2

Another blend of Secretary and Anglicana, this time less formal than the preceding example. This is folio 6r from British Library Additional MS 25006 , the Lay Folks' Catechism. As its title suggest, this is an instructional work on the major tenets of the Christian Faith, written in English for lay people. This section deals with the Seven Sacraments and the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy. The hand is neat but unpretentious. It is fairly cursive, with a mixture of letter forms: get your eye in especially to e, s, r, and g.

It uses more abbreviations than the last hand.

1.....Transcribe it.
.......I have transcribed the first seven lines as a starter.
.......Go to the following pages for a close-up version in slices.
2.....Copy out a line, using pen and ink. What do you notice about the mechanics of writing?
3.....Describe it in terms of
..A..... Overall aspect;
..B..... Individual letter forms.
4.....Describe the layout.

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