Complete Registration

This is the final stage in the process of becoming an official member of the University for campus learners.

Where to go

Location and dates for your Registration event.


  • Undergraduates

    For undergraduates, Registration 2020 will take place in the LICA building. Members of Grizedale, Furness, Bowland and Cartmel will register on Sunday 27th September, while members of County, Fylde, Pendle and Lonsdale will register on Monday 28th September. The time of your Registration session will be made available on the Welcome Week schedule closer to the start of the 2020-21 academic year.



  • Postgraduates

    For postgraduates beginning their courses at the start of the academic year, Registration 2020 will take place in the LICA building, and will be organised by scheme of study. Postgraduate taught students will register on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th September, and postgraduate research students will register on Wednesday 30th September. To find out the exact time of your Registration session look at the Welcome Week schedule in the run-up to arrival.

    If you will join us at a different time of year, you will receive an email inviting you to attend an event in The Base to complete your registration before the start of your course. 

What to bring

Be sure to bring your proof of funding and your proof of identity.


  • 1. Proof of funding


    • Please bring your University or College Payment Advice form from Student Finance (NI, England, Wales, EU, Only). Here is a sample (PDF)‌.
    • If you are a sponsored student, please bring sponsorship confirmation.

    If you have uploaded this information during Registration online then this is not required.



    • NHS Bursary or
    • Sponsorship confirmation.

    If you are self-funded then you will have an opportunity to pay your fees at Registration.


  • 2. Proof of identity

    All students starting a new course need to bring proof of identity, including returning students who have previously studied at Lancaster University.

    International students

    You must bring the following:

    • Original passport with Entry Clearance Visa
    • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). New arrivals who have requested university collection should be able to pick up their BRP at registration. Otherwise, you may collect it from the Post Office. If your BRP is not available for collection until after your Registration session, please bring the BRP letter of collection given to you with your visa.
    • ATAS Certificate (where applicable).
    • Academic qualifications as detailed when you applied for your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). This can also be located on your CAS under 'documents used to obtain offer'.
    • Proof of English language ability – what the University used to assess your ability i.e. IELTS certificate.
    • A letter of consent from your parent/guardian if you are under the age of 18 on the first day of registration.

    All documents must be original documents.

    Some foreign nationals must book an appointment with the police within seven days of arrival. If this applies to you, registration is done via the Lancashire Police Portal. As part of the online process you will be offered an appointment at the police station. You can find more information on the Welcome Week section of the International site.


    EEA National students

    You must bring one of the following:

    • Original passport
    • Or National identity card.


    UK National students

    You must bring one of the following:

    • Original passport or
    • Naturalisation Certificate or
    • Right of Abode Certificate or
    • Birth Certificate

    Please note that if you do not have one of the above forms of ID, you will only be granted a temporary University Card, and you will be given six weeks from the start of your course to provide one of the above or your registration with the University may be cancelled.

    A temporary card can be obtained by providing two of the following (one of which must contain your address, confirmed during Online Registration, as held on the University Student Record). 

    • UK Photographic Driving Licence
    • Full Driving Licence (without photo)
    • Tenancy agreement/Mortgage documentation
    • Current cheque guarantee card
    • Current credit card or debit card
    • Bank or building society book
    • Cheque book
    • Utility bill
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Home Office documents
    • Inland Revenue documents
    • Work permit
    • National Insurance Card
    • Correspondence from the Student Loans Company or local authority.

When you can access loans

When and how to collect your Student Finance loan.


  • Student Finance payments

    If you are receiving a Student Loan from Student Finance, the University will confirm your registration to them to release payment to you after you have registered in person with the University. Payment should be visible in your nominated account after 3-5 working days after confirmation. If you have requested a tuition fee loan, this is paid directly to the University in three instalments (one per term). Payments are made following confirmation of your attendance at the beginning of each term.

    Payment of the loans from Student Finance can only be made if you have returned your declaration, so please ensure you have signed and posted this form back to Student Finance prior to travelling to Lancaster. If you are unsure whether you have returned the declaration, this will be reflected on your checklist in your online account with Student Finance.

What to do if you arrive after Registration

Staff will be available to help you officially become a University member.