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Download iLancaster

Our free 'iLancaster' app will be an essential companion during your time at Lancaster.

In the build up to Welcome Week, iLancaster will contain handy tools for new students including a 'Prepare for Lancaster' checklist of things you need to do, a bitesize version of this website, and a Welcome Week schedule that you can personalise. You can also use iLancaster to upload the photo that will appear on your University Card.

How to access iLancaster

iLancaster is available as an app to download for Android and Apple devices. Alternatively, you can access it via a web browser.

Once you’ve completed the online stage of registration:

  • If you’ve never used iLancaster before - log in with your new University Account username and password, then select the ‘Student’ profile. This will give you access to the full set of services you'll want as a Lancaster student.
  • If you’ve already been using iLancaster (eg you’re currently using the ‘Visiting Lancaster' or 'Future Student' profile) you'll have to log out of iLancaster, then select the ‘Student’ profile and log back in using your new University Account username and password.

Here are three big reasons to use iLancaster:

1. To upload your University Card photo

Please use iLancaster to upload a passport-style photograph of yourself. This photo will be used on your University Card, which will provide proof that you are a Lancaster University student and give you access to some services when you’re on campus. To do this, open iLancaster and click on the ‘University Photo Upload’ tile and follow the instructions. You’ll be able to see the tile using the ‘Student’ or ‘Future Student’ profile.

2. To see your personal course timetable

You’ll be able to see your course timetable once you’ve completed Registration and are logged in to iLancaster via the ‘Student’ profile. Please note that your course timetable may not include all of your teaching events until your enrolment process completes at the beginning of term.

3. To register your attendance at teaching sessions

Students register their attendance at timetabled teaching sessions using iLancaster on phones, laptops or tablet devices. You’ll see your sessions in the Attendance Hub in iLancaster once you’ve completed Registration and are logged in to iLancaster via the ‘Student’ profile. Find out more about attendance check-in.