Introduction to university

Take our 'Ready for University' course

After you've set up your IT account, use this quick online course to get top tips from our staff and students. It's designed to help new undergraduates get to grips with university life.

Do you know what to expect from university?

We have created a series of short activities that you can complete online to help you with your move to university life.

This course lives in Moodle, which you can access via the Modules tab in the Student Portal. It will be made available soon after you have set up your IT account as part of the registration process. To access the course directly click this link: Ready for University.

It contains written guidance and advice and stories from students who were once in the same position as you.

We expect the whole course to take no more than a few hours, and at the end of the course there's a quiz to help you check what you've learned.

Completing this online course and quiz can count towards your Lancaster Award.

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