A lecturer is showing chemistry lab equipment to two students.

STEM Taster Day

What is the STEM Taster Day?

Each year, over 200 students have the opportunity to discover what it’s like to study STEM subjects at Lancaster University at our annual STEM Taster Day.

Our annual STEM Taster Day is aimed at Year 12 students who are pursuing a STEM-related subject at degree level. Spending a day at our campus, the Taster Day will equip you with a greater knowledge of your favourite subjects at higher education and provide an insight into university life, helping you to make better informed choices about what you would like to study when it comes to applying to university.

Applications for the STEM Taster Day will open soon.

Tab Content: What does it involve?

During the event, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Tour key locations around our 560-acre campus
  • Take part in two interactive taster sessions
  • Meet staff and current students from our academic departments
  • Enjoy a free lunch

In previous years, activities have included:


By studying the science of life at university you will learn to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges and work to change the planet. In this session, you will learn how DNA samples can be used to solve a murder or how to use thermal cameras and infrared gas analysis to explore climate change.


Chemists are instrumental in developing the modern world. Visit our state-of-the-art teaching laboratories and put your chemistry skills to the test by working with researchers to investigate and identify mystery chemicals.

Computing and Communications

Are you a technical innovator? Could you be part of the next generation of computing professionals, using your skills in industries ranging from social media to cyber security? In this session you will have the opportunity to use innovate technology with our academics and put your computing skills to the test.

Environmental and Earth Sciences

Are you interested in exploring the world and studying environmental processes? From oceans and glaciers, to deserts and volcanoes, your passion could take you anywhere. This session will give you the chance to study volcanoes and lava flow and be introduced to the exciting world of the environmental and Earth sciences.


Engineering is one of the few career paths where you have the opportunity to change the world. This session will dispel some of the myths within engineering and you will find out more about the exciting options available within different engineering disciplines.


Geography is a distinctive subject linking both the social and physical sciences. This is crucial for addressing the grand challenges of life today, covering issues such as globalisation, technological change, politics and environmental issues. In this session you will have a taste of two geography topics giving you an insight into the awesome dynamics of our planet and the fragile landscapes on which we rely for our existence.

Mathematics and Statistics

Learn to appreciate the language of science at our Maths taster session. You will explore the mathematics of infinity as well as the impact it has had on the foundations of mathematics itself. You will also be given a taster of the mathematical staples which make up an undergraduate maths degree; from algebra and analysis to geometry and combinatorics.


Are you interested in uncovering the mysteries of our Universe? During this session, you will engage with degree-level experiments in our specialist labs. You will learn about the angular distribution of cosmic rays and measure the lifetime of muons, as well as measuring the radioactivity of everyday samples using our high-resolution spectrometers.


Are you passionate about helping people and changing lives? You will have the chance to get hands-on with psychology equipment and techniques. Find out more about how psychologists use virtual reality in their work and discover the technology used to research language acquisition.

Student Life

This session is for those who want to know what it’s like studying at university and specifically at Lancaster. You can find out about all aspects of student life, from what a typical day is like, to how to finance your studies. You will also have the chance to speak with current Lancaster students and ask any questions you may have.

Tab Content: Who is it for?

The STEM Taster Day is for students in Year 12 who are interested in studying a STEM subject at university. In order to take part in the STEM Taster Day, you must:

  • Be on track to achieve three grade B’s or above at A-level (or equivalent if you are studying alternative qualifications)

Please note, additional subject-specific criteria may also apply.

Tab Content: Why take part?

Our STEM Taster Day is an excellent opportunity to find out what it’s like to study at a highly-ranked, research-intensive university. By taking part in two intensive taster sessions, you will gain a real insight into studying the subjects you are passionate about at degree-level. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to find out about the variety of course available and what you need to achieve in your current studies in order to progress onto studying at Lancaster University.

Tab Content: How do I get involved?

Applications for the STEM Taster Day will open soon, but you can express your interest now.