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Research programme

The COVID-19 crisis, together with a range of long term social and economic trends are changing the way we work and do business.

Atypical work and in-work poverty have come to characterise some parts of the labour market, and the recession sparked by the pandemic is now causing unparalleled economic uncertainty. Through our research programme, we will build new evidence about insecurity in the labour market in the context of COVID-19. We'll consider the steps employers and policy makers can take to protect the workers facing the greatest risks, and to ensure that we plan for an economic recovery that protects and enhances working life for all.

Shifts in working structures and patterns also have implications for our health and wellbeing. Our Health at Work Policy Unit is an established source of evidence, insights and practical recommendations on issues related to workplace health and wellbeing. We will consider the ways the COVID crisis is affecting our wellbeing, the challenges employers are encountering in managing the risk of infection through a return to on-site work, and the opportunities that remote working presents for enhancing inclusion and accessibility for workers with long term health conditions.