Fit for Work

Supporting policy and practice to develop sustainable healthcare and productivity.

Fit for Work Global Alliance

Fit for Work Global Alliance is a multi-stakeholder coalition that champions change in health and work policy and practice for the benefit of those with chronic health conditions.

Active for over a decade, the alliance has driven change for better lives across the UK, Europe and beyond and now has a global reach. Our evidence and pioneering toolkits are now being adopted in many countries. They are changing lives for the better, saving costs for employers and governments and contributing to increased sustainability in healthcare systems across the world. Fit for Work Global Alliance is led by The Work Foundation.


Shape the agenda of Good Work

A report discussing a new vision for work to maximise opportunities for all in future.

Social prescribing: a pathway to work?

An analysis of the role of social prescription in supporting work opportunities.

Fit for Work call for action 2016

A call to action under the Slovakian Presidency of the European Council.

Complexities and challenges: working with multiple health conditions

A report exploring the fact that people who experience multiple long-term health conditions have poorer outcomes.

Fit for Work: my plan for life guide 2016

The aim of 'My plan for life' is to help people with chronic conditions to take control of their health and care.

Musculoskeletal disorders, workforce health and productivity in the United States

A report exploring musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)in the United States and their relationship to employment.

Why early management of chronic disease in the EU workforce should be a priority

Developing a cost-effective evidence-based solution to reduce the burden of MSDs.