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Productivity and Skills

Promoting skills and learning in the workplace.

Investments in education, skills development, and training bring important benefits to individuals, businesses and society by driving higher employment, higher wages and improvements in productivity.

As a consequence, skills have remained an important priority over time and there has been a continuing focus on ensuring that education programmes and training practices adapt to labour market changes, supporting high quality learning which will maximise the benefits for those involved. The Work Foundation has been working for some time to understand developments in the labour market, to track changes in skills requirements in different sectors and areas of work, and to shape developments in skills programmes in response so that they remain relevant. A one size for all will not work.


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Productivity, technology and working anywhere

Client: Citrix

This study follows on from our 2016 investigation into Working Anywhere which highlighted the tipping point of mobile working in the UK. This project seeks to understand the complex relationship between technology and productivity and how businesses can drive growth through adopting new ways of working.

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Understanding the supply of and demand for cyber skills in the UK

Client: Department for Culture, Media & Sport

Commissioned by Government (DCMS) and undertaken in partnership with Databuild and Security Lancaster, The Work Foundation has been investigating the supply and demand for cyber-security skills in the UK.

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An audit of the skills challenges facing the UK's film industries

Client: British Film Institute

The Work Foundation was commissioned by the British Film Institute (BFI) to undertake a comprehensive audit of the skills challenges facing the UK’s film industries. The project sought to understand the current skills gaps in film and adjacent industries and where these gaps are likely to be in the future.

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Shape the agenda of Good Work

A report discussing a new vision for work to maximise opportunities for all in future.

The transformation to a knowledge society

A paper for the ASBAR World Forum, Saudi Arabia, on Social and Economic Improvement Through Innovation.

The City's business: helping young Londoners towards and into employment

Addressing the disconnect between skills and business needs in London.

Improving progression from low-paid jobs at city-region level

A package of employment and skills initiatives for Leeds City Region residents and employers.