BIG Breakfast Networking Event

The ‘Big Breakfast’ Networking Event


Wednesday, 04 February 2015 | 8.30am – 10.30am | Lancaster House Hotel, Ellel, Lancaster, LA1 4GJ

Join the masses at this exclusive ‘Big Breakfast’ Networking Event and engage with a whole host of businesses from across the district.

This informal breakfast event is a perfect opportunity to make valuable connections with other business professionals, shout out about your business and inspire others.

Aaron Crewe, Managing Director of SEO 24/7 will be speaking about why it’s “Good practice to share business connections”, as well as encouraging people to engage with each other.
All attendees have the opportunity to bring along a banner to further promote their business.
Book today and be part of something BIG – it could be the perfect opportunity to grow your business!

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Science Shows How People With Messy Desks Are Actually Different Than Everyone Else

Are you too messy? Instead of a filing cabinet, do you have piles of folders bursting to the seams? Is your Rolodex covered with doodles, while your drawers are full of loose business cards? Do memos arrive at your desk only to be tossed in an overstuffed trash can or linger in eternity amid a heap of their forgotten brethren?

A messy desk with lots of paperwork

We’re trained to think that messiness is evil and unproductive. But there might be a method to all that madness.

It turns out science can explain. There’s fairly robust psychological evidence that messiness isn’t just symptomatic of poor standards or effort, but might actually provoke creativity

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Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2015

Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards


What Can I Win?

The Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards offer a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the success of student and graduate entrepreneurs. Not only will the awards help secure cash investment to aid students with their ideas and businesses, but they will also provide the winners with valuable press coverage via the recognition received through this initiative. Winners will also then qualify for entry into the Santander Universities Enterprise Community programme.

The competition is open to students or recent graduates (within last two years), and entries can be from individuals or groups.

Undergrad prizes

  • 1st prize: £5,000
  • 2nd prize: £3,000
  • 3rd prize: £1,000

Postgrad prizes

  • 1st prize: £20,000
  • 2nd prize: £10,000
  • 3rd prize: £5,000

To enter you will need to submit a business plan by midday Monday 9th March.  The plans will then be shortlisted and evaluated by a panel and an entry for each category put forward to represent Lancaster University in the national competition .

Click here for more information: Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards Information Pack

All submissions should be emailed to



Job opportunity – Lancaster Jazz Festival

The overall purpose of this project is to undertake an organisational review of
Lancaster Jazz Festival and make proposals for a three year strategic plan.


Read more about this opportunity below:



Young Enterprise Start Up Programme North West 2015

Please find attached an invitation to the Young Enterprise Start Up Programme North West Final 2015, taking place on 25th February 2015 in Manchester.



YE NW Start Up Invitation 25th Feb 2015

This is a fantastic opportunity to attend the flagship event of the Start Up year in the North West to witness the best of our representing Universities and Colleges new business start-ups. It is also a great opportunity to network with a very large number of our education,  corporate and industry partners who will be in attendance, all of which support the project around the North West Region.

Please RSVP to  We very much hope you are able to attend!

Thrive on Uncertainty!

mind tools

In uncertain times, it’s tempting for teams, leaders and entrepreneurs to put risky decisions on hold and seek the safe option. But time never stands still, and neither should we. In a recent article the website Mind talks about  How to Communicate Organizational Uncertainty, presenting a tried and tested strategy for helping people embrace uncertainty and pull forward together, while others just tread water.

The article cites Clampitt, DeKoch and Cashman who identify five great classifications for communication strategies that organizations typically use; ‘Withold and uphold’, ‘spray and pray’, ‘tell and sell’, ‘underscore and explore’ and ‘identify and reply’. Do you recognise any of these in your environment. How effective are they and what might work better?

The article goes on to explore how you can develop the resilience you need to thrive when things are changing fast; In a linked article on Mintzberg’s Organizational
, Mind Tools look at how organizations can be designed to
succeed in uncertain environments.

If you’ve got ten minutes, its well worth a look because if you’re developing a new project, working on a business idea or simply tackling a challenge in your team or organisation, uncertainty goes with the territory. Nothing new was created without people getting excited and daring to try something new.

You will be able to reflect on how you can build a positive culture of communication, one that turns uncertainty into a driver for success.



Listening Skill Pill Competition

Listening Skill Pill Competition

Tochter hört Vater nicht zu


Your 60 second film could win you £500…

Could you make a short film or animation (1 minute) focusing on the subject of effective listening..?

Sponsored by the SimVenture Team as well as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship Blog, the film competition is open to amateur film-makers aged 18 and over.

The purpose of any submitted film is to communicate how people listen well and the value of being an effective listener. The content of your work can be creative, original and funny. The more memorable your work, the greater the impact it will have on the viewer and the judges.

The winning entry will receive £500 and each Runner Up will receive a Certificate of Merit. All film submissions must be received by midnight on Friday 27th February 2015.

For more information click here



Start-Up Stories

Start-Up Stories

Thursday 20th Nov, 7pm-9pm, LUMS Careers Zone


[image courtesy]

Start-Up Stories is a story-telling event, and the stories will be told by Alumni who have started businesses, describing their journeys, the pitfalls, the highlights, what they’ve learned and things to avoid.  To bring these stories to life, we are bringing in some Live Illustrators.  In case that’s not something you’ve heard of, here’s a great example from the RSA/Animate series.  I’m no artist, so to me this stuff is magic, but maybe I’m just easily entertained.

Anyway, it’s going to be very informal, with wine and nibbles, and a great chance to meet people with experience to share.  Who knows, you might meet a potential mentor, business partner or just generally useful connection for your own journey.

Registration for the event is via TARGETconnect but we won’t turn anyone away.  Oh, and the Enterprise Social starts immediately afterwards in Bowland Bar, so you can carry on your conversations in more informal surroundings.

Thank you for your time; I hope to see you tomorrow.

Very best regards, on behalf of the Enterprise Partners

Simon Harrison
Enterprise Champion Project Manager

Show us YOUR handshake selfie


Shake Hands and share plans!

Global Entrepreneurship Week is only one week away and we’re using this campaign to show the world that the Lancaster University is a campus of networkers. Give us a hand – share your handshake selfie!

This time next week we will have kicked off festivities with ‘Battle of the Colleges’ and’ Fail Forward‘ the official opening event is  Monday 17th November 6pm – 9pm. Many more activities will be taking place all week, all across campus. Full details on the GEW2014 programme here.

We want to see your global connections and we want to know how events you have attended have helped you meet people,  get inspired, learn new skills and develop your ideas.

Don’t be quiet about it, we want to know who you’ve had great conversations with. Take a handshake selfie and share it on any social media channel using #GEWConnect. We’ll pick our favourite selfies to share at the end of the week.

Youth Business International, organisers or Global Entrepreneurship in the UK are offering a prize for the person that bags the best entrepreneurship handshake selfie shot. Who’s your handshake selfie no.1? Did you catch a Big Fish? Or maybe even a Dragon? From old friends to new connections, tweet your pics!

Booking is on Target Connect. Search under ‘event type’ for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014.

Why don’t we talk about Failure?

FF LogoAre you scared of trying something new today? What is it and how might you embrace failure to find your true passions?

On Monday 17th November ‘Fail Forward’  is the grand opening event for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 at Lancaster University.

Lancaster student Oli Monks is coordinating a showcase of people who have learned from failure and embrace it as an inevitable ingredient of success; in fact the comforting reality is that failure is on route to finding your passions and success in life.

In this post and media clip “Why I Want my Kids to Fail” Alexander Osterwalder PhD, writer and entrepreneur talks about  how failures in his own life turned out to be positive for his development and career.

‘Why don’t we talk about failure?

Everyone has lived it but no one wants to speak about it. We’re ashamed by our past failures and have trained our memory to only retain moments of success. We look up to thought leaders and are inspired by their flawless track record. But should we be? Should we really be inspired by those who deep inside are scared of admitting they’ve sucked at something before becoming masters at it? Should we look up to those who fear to venture into something new because they might fail and look incompetent?

The topic of failure is less of a taboo today though. We’ve embraced the startup mantra of “failing cheap and failing quickly” and have seen communities sharing stories about failures to tap into collective learning at events such as the Failcon conferences. But we are not trained to embrace failure. We’re just barely working on letting go of that fear of looking inept in everyone else’s eyes, and we still don’t know how to teach our kids to fail.

Alex’s failures

Alex mentions he failed to get in McKinsey & Company, a leading consulting firm. He also failed his first year of business school and instead learned about questioning how people think in his political sciences program. Alex learned he didn’t want to be an accountant when he ventured in a nonprofit job in Thailand. These failures shaped what he is today: a passionate thought leader building tools and introducing revolutionary methodologies in the traditional corporate world.

In spite of the success of Business Model Generation, his visual and practical bestseller that stood out in the traditional book market and made more than a million sales, Alex and his co-authors are now taking the risk of failing as they’re trying something completely unseen in the business world: making people use digital tools. With Strategyzer’s upcoming book, Value Proposition Design, Alex and his co-authors want business executives to use strategy & innovation processes through computer-aided design, just like architects and engineers. Value Proposition Design will be the first book to offer online learning, PDFs, exercises, and templates on

Failure helps you find your passion

Are you scared that you might just blow things up if you try, and be judged by others around you? Well, you might actually fail and indeed not look very smart. You might try once, twice, and still fail. But as you learn to accept failure and learn about your own case, you’ll adapt and find something that works, something that you’re passionate about. Striving to find that passion, learning from any kind of experience and taming our fear of failure is how we should teach our kids to fail today.’

Register for the Fail Forward Event at Lancaster University here.