£10,000 pitch opportunity with F Factor

Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs- pitch opportunity with Talk Talk and Founders Forum


Are you a tech minded entrepreneur, aged 14 to 25? Have you got an innovative idea for an app, a game, or a technology business?

Founders Forum are working with Talk Talk to offer 10 young entrepreneurs the chance to win £10,000. There’s no need to write a business plan or have an existing business model, and experience isn’t necessary- all you have to do is create and submit a 30 second video and your idea in 140 characters. Finalists will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a gathering of tech entrepreneurs in London and network with venture capitalists and business founders on 18th June 2015.

Entries must be submitted to ‘F Factor’ by midnight on 5th May 2015.

For further information on the competition, and to apply, click here.

Crowdsourced app creation: Cash for comments


Guest News Post

A lucky chance encounter at a drop in session with Lancaster Universities Enterprise Team has kick started my ideas into more than just a list in my i-phone.

I’ve been using the ‘Business Model Canvas’ to explore and prototype a number of ideas and my latest project is an app called ‘Flirt Yeti’.

I’m experimenting with my ideas on a site called Applits.com which makes it possible for anyone who does not have the time, money, or coding knowledge to make an app to have a go by getting involved. You can check out my app idea at

To get going, you simply submit your app idea into the Applits competition and it will receive valuable feedback/votes; you might be the creator of the next ‘Angry Birds’.

Lifelong royalties are paid to the submitter of the winning app and the three people who contribute the most to the development of the winning apps.

Applits.com is more than an app idea competition, anyone can contribute to every part of the crowd-sourced app development and earn monthly royalty payments for your creativity, knowledge, skills or research.

By getting involved you can input and gain a perspective of app:

–   Design – Development  – Naming – Slogan – Marketing – Business model  – Pricing strategy  – beta testing

Applits.com recently won the award for Americas coolest college start-up and is now listed along side the likes of Google, Facebook and Yahoo as Americas coolest college start-ups ever.

By getting app users to submit and vote on the apps that they want to see on their smartphones, Applits are developing apps that are proven to be desirable by end users.

Flirt Yeti was born at Lancaster University, and with your input and support it could be downloaded around the world.

To find out more or vote for my creation Flirt Yeti, hit this link to view and vote, and make a ‘serial innovator’s’ day.

Scott Baldwin

Lancaster University, Facilities Department