Week 19 Enterprise Events

Get Involved

Tuesday 13th

Share It Lab with Dan Ghita, 2-3pm, Learning Zone Pod 4

Dan Ghita is a current Management student, developing a new business based around cycling holidays in Eastern Europe.

Dan will be joining us for a session to share his personal entrepreneurial story, talk about the power of storytelling, importance of not following the crowd and how to generate business ideas.

Come along to find inspiration and advice for your own venture and ask Dan any questions.

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Wednesday 14th

Art, Film, LICA Alumni Event, 12-2pm, Bowland North SR 6

Interested in freelancing in the Arts after graduation? Join this panel event for LICA students – come and listen to Lancaster University graduates of Art, Design and LICA subjects talk about their jobs and the routes they took to get their dream job. Find out more about working in the arts, media, freelance work and portfolio working.

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Design Thinking Sprint – From Inspiration to Ideation, 2-5pm, Bowland North SR 7

This is the second of three design sprints. In this session you will work on design challenges focusing on two aspects of the process:

Inspiration – looking at research methods that are used in Design Thinking to unpack a problem space.

Ideation – looking at techniques that are used to visualize, brainstorm and evaluate ideas in order to reach a viable choice.

Don’t worry about having attended the last session – each session can be attended as a stand-alone as well.

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Thursday 15th

UnLtd – Thrive accelerator information session for social enterprises, 12-2pm, Learning Zone Pod 4

Thrive is a new social accelerator run by UnLtd, aimed at supporting ambitious social ventures to scale. For their first cohort, Thrive are looking for ventures with the aim of improving access to employment for those distant from the labour market.

Cathryn Chrimes from UnLtd will be coming in to potential applicants, so if you would be interested in finding out please come along.

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What’s new for 17-18?

If you’ve engaged in Enterprise & Innovation support through us previously, you are probably wondering what’s happened to the Wednesday IdeasLab and Thursday StartupLab sessions.

We found that so many people were bringing new ideas, having just a couple of fixed-time drop-in sessions per week wasn’t giving everyone enough time and space to get the attention they needed

So, this year we’re opening up more slots and letting you call the shots on when they should happen.  We’re still calling them Labs, but there are now lots of different Lab types to choose from.

How does it work?

The idea is simple – we’ll help you put together a personalised development programme and you work through it at your own pace. Whenever you’re ready to work on something new, you book a Lab session and we’ll supply the space, the know-how, the resources, and, where appropriate, bring in like-minded collaborators.

To make this work though, there are a couple of other things that have changed.

  • Firstly, before you start ‘dropping in’, we’ll ask you to register or re-register by completing a short Registration Form so we can get you into the system.
  • Secondly, we’ll book you in for a 1-2-1 chat (called an IntroLab) so we can find out more about you, what you are trying to achieve and what you are looking for right now.
  • Thirdly, we’ll get you underway so you can start putting together your bespoke development programme from our new menu of different Lab types. Regardless of what you are working on or where you are up to, there’ll be something for you.

To get started right away, please complete the Registration Form.

To find out more about Labs, please visit this page.

Opportunity for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs

Thinking about becoming a creative freelancer?

UCLan Student Enterprise & Incubation invites Lancaster University students to join an interactive session aimed to help you map out how to earn a living from your creativity. The session will look at using the Business Model Canvas in lots of useful and fun ways, helping you to identify how to create, deliver and capture the value of your enterprise.

When? Thursday the 25th May, 9:30am-12:30pm

Where? 4th Floor Media Factory, Preston

If you are interested in attending the workshop please email The Lancaster University Enterprise Team and we can book you a place.




IPSE Awards – Calling all Freelancers!

Win up to £5,000 towards your business

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE) are hosting a competition to crown the UK’s best independent professional. There are two categories for the award – Aspire for those under 23 years of age and Inspire for those over the age of 24.

Fifteen finalists will be invited to London to pitch themselves and their business to a panel before returning as guests to the IPSE Awards ceremony in June, where the winners will be announced. The winner of the Aspire group with be awarded £3,000 to help their business and the overall winner of the Inspire group, £5,000. There are also additional prizes and business support for runners up.

So whether you are a designer, a writer, a developer, an architect or an inventor… why not put in an application!

Deadline for applications: Friday 17th March 2017

For further information visit the IPSE website. 

BASE: Bespoke Artist Support & Exchange

Opportunity for freelance artists

Attend a free day packed with workshops, creative discussion and networking for artists in and around the Lancaster Area.

All emerging, aspiring and established artists are welcome to join the BASE network where you’ll get the chance to meet artists from a diverse range of mediums and experience levels; from illustrators to directors, dancers to make up artists,actors to choreographers.

Where? Ludus Dance, Assembly Rooms, Lancaster

When? 10am-3pm, Friday 17th February.

Places are limited click here to book your place and find out more about the event.


Pathways to the Arts: Meet the Professionals

Meet and network with a range of creative industry professionals

Tuesday 22nd November 1600 – 1800 in the Peter Scott Gallery.

Come along to this new and engaging event organised by Careers and Lancaster Arts to meet a range of professionals from early career to experienced practitioners who have made a successful career in the creative industries including:

  • John Clayton managing Editor BBC Radio Lancashire
  • Leo Burton, Managing Editor, Making Room
  • Ivan Wadeson, Director, The Dukes Theatre
  • Judy Deakin, Form Interior Design Ltd
  • Rony Gosh, Independent Motion Picture, Marketing and Media Professional, E3 Global Media Ltd
  • Ben Hall, Artist and Entrepeneur, Supermarché
  • Charlie Kondras, Artist and Entrepeneur, Supermarché
  • Josh Dring, Artist and Entrepeneur,  Supermarché
  • Richard Smith, Curator – Peter Scott Gallery
  • Harriet Hill-Payne, Assistant Curator – Peter Scott Gallery
  • Julia Carradus, Executive Administrator, Lancaster Arts
  • Alix Medlyn Davies, Engagement Manager, Lancaster Arts
  • Rony Gosh, Independent Motion Picture, Marketing and Media Professional, E3 Global Media Ltd

You’ll also:

Hear from a panel of young creative professionals about their journey from student to professional

Take part in a speed networking activity – fast and fun!

Hear about top tips for networking.

Network informally with guests over drinks and light refreshments

This is a great opportunity to build your professional network, gain an insight into what a range of creative professionals do, develop your networking skills in a safe and friendly environment and perhaps kick start or further develop your own ideas of what you hope to do after you graduate.

Remember, even if the creative area that interests you is not represented in the list above – all the professionals attending this event have wider networks in the Arts and may be able to introduce you to someone that can help you explore your own interests and opportunities.

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EVENT: Making it in the Arts

Now Then – Making it in the Arts: Weds 11th May 2016, 2pm – 5pm

FASS seminar event for early career artists and undergraduates.

Generated from conversations with current students, recent graduates, producers, programmers and lecturers from universities across the UK, Now Then seeks to inform students of the practicalities of making theatre/art after university and how to create an income. Now Then will offer an introduction to the following topics:

  • freelancing,
  • networking,
  • artistic platforms,
  • fundraising,
  • marketing your own company and yourself,
  • internships and applications,
  • as well as offering professional artists’ case studies.

Now Then will delivered by Theatre/LICA alumna Jenny Gaskell, a freelance producer who has worked with Lancaster Arts, Quarantine, Contact, FUEL and Kate O’Donnell.

If you’re interested in a career in theatre or art, and want to know you can make a life and a living from your talent, book your place via TARGETConnect and find out.

Calling all creative students… An insight into the world of sketch-noting

A film about stories, inspiration and making things happenStartup Stories 2

As an artist or someone with a future in the Creative Industries, you will no doubt know that portfolio working is a big part of developing your practice and your contacts, and freelancing is a way to ‘earn while you learn’.


On Thursday 17th March there is an opportunity for Lancaster University artists and creative spirits to meet a bunch of artists, illustrators and animators who are joining us on campus at Bowland, County and Furness Colleges,  for a special alumni and student event.

Creative Lancaster University Students and budding portfolio freelancers from these colleges will get a working insight into the wonderful world of sketch-noting; a style of awesome visual note-taking, at this College social event ‘Startup Stories’. The event is a collaboration between the College, JCR and Lancaster University Enterprise Centre.

‘Startup Stories’ is an alumni story telling event, where by alumni from all sectors return to campus to share their wisdom on the trials and tribulations of becoming self employed. Stories are sketched and captured for future students to enjoy by our friends Holly and Co. at MoreThanMinutes.

After the event you’ll get a chance to meet the storytellers, the sketchnoting team, and ask your questions.

Here’s what students said about the speakers and the artists at past events:






If you would like to coming along on the evening and try your hand at live sketch noting in the audience ‘Sketchnoting 101: How To Create Awesome Visual Notes’, is a really this a useful post to give you some pointers.

We’re considering running some sessions at some stage for people interested in sketchnoting so if you might be interested in this come along and let us know or drop us a note (or a sketch note!)

Bowland, County and Furness college students can book by hitting the links here Bowland, County and Furness. Food and drink provided for advance bookings and it will be followed by a JCR end of term social.

If you are from any other college look out for your College event on Target Connect in June and November 2016.

Hope to see you there.

A reality check – supercharging your employability… and a college event to get you started.

Startup Stories


We all need role models and mentors to broaden our perspectives, and hearing from people, once in your shoes who have been out in the world of work and gone on to become entrepreneurs can provide powerful insights into how futures can unfold in very unexpected ways.

If you are a Bowland, County or Furness College member, there’s a chance on Thursday 17th March to get registered on the forthcoming ’ Startup Stories’ event in your College.  It’s an event for you by your college alumni as they will be share the highs lows and wisdom learned on their startup journeys.

…I can guess what what you’re thinking… “I’m not an entrepreneur – so why would I want to think like one?” Here are the realities:

Reality 1 – Entrepreneurs are not superhuman. They’re just people like you and me who have worked hard to turn their ideas into a reality.

Reality 2 – We all have ideas, creativity and skills, we just don’t always know how to put them to work. When we do, we learn through trial and error, continual improvement and refinement. If we step out to start bringing our ideas to life, we start to develop what’s sometimes called an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ – which simply means thinking like a successful business person when looking for opportunities to create value, or solve business, social or world challenges.

Reality 3 – The world of work is changing. We are all having to adapt to a fast paced and more challenging and competitive work environment. Employers are looking for people who can be ‘intrapreneurial’ within  in their organisations.  Whatever  art, craft or expertise you are developing, you will need to be in the habit of creating value … for someone else if not for yourself or your customers. Playing with challenges and ideas whilst at university creates evidence of performance for future employers.

Reality 4– Entrepreneurship can creep up on you. Many of of the alumni never really expected to start a business; They have made transitions from blue chip careers to starting their own ventures, making a life and a living from their research, or simply fulfilling their purpose by doing something to make positive change for people.

Reality 5  Being inquisitive in the company of entrepreneurs will raise your awareness of  just what’s possible when believe your potential is infinite and you turn your ideas to reality.

So, how do YOU start thinking like an entrepreneur? Your first step could well be to sign up for ‘Startup Stories’ to hear from who are doing what they love and loving what they do running their own businesses. Startup Stories is social, it’s fun and it’s creative too– we have artists at the event capturing the stories through live illustration.

Search ‘Startup Stories’ on Target Connect. The events are listed under a Bowland, County or Furness Colleges.

If you are from another College look out for events later on the year and in the meantime you could check out the stories from our previous events here.

This is what past students said about it:






Furnessians, Counties and Bowlanders, see you there!


How to calculate your freelance hourly rate

What price should you put on your time?


Knowing what to charge your customers is tough; to overcharge is bad for reputation and attracting customers, whilst to undercharge not only underestimates your business, but often leaves you out of pocket.

Survival rate pricing – charging low whilst hoping to attract the masses – is extremely risky as it does not recognise fluctuations in customer numbers throughout long periods. Charging enough to cover your costs, and make a profit, ensures your business can thrive; being able to find this balance of costs, however is a difficult task.

View this simple infographic to make a start on your pricing strategy.