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Engagement Fellowship

Set yourself apart from the crowd as a WIP Engagement Fellow, ready to navigate ambiguity, uncertainty and complexity with confidence.

Applications currently closed. 

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Regardless what you are studying, what you know or what you can do, to unlock your potential value and take action, you need the right mindset.

How can an Engagement Fellowship help me?

Engagement Fellowships are authentic experiential learning activities, working alongside businesses and community organisations to explore and develop innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges. This is the perfect opportunity to put your entrepreneurial mindsets to the test, making a meaningful difference to others while enhancing your attractiveness to potential employers. And it's quite different to the placements and consultancy projects you may have access to as part of your degree...

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It's multidisciplinary

You will be working alongside students from a range of disciplines, at different levels of study and with different work and life experiences. This diversity provides an incredibly rich environment for peer learning and unexpected insights into how you might apply your curricular learning in new ways when compared to working on your own or with other people studying the same thing as you.

It’s a living lab

The work experience component of the fellowship is part of Lancaster University's new flagship engagement model, the Innovation Catalyst, within which every stakeholder is looking to do new things and do them differently, to drive long-term systemic changes to regional economies. You'll be at the heart of these innovation processes and your experience will shape how this evolves and improves over time.

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It's VUCA-proof

Because this programme focusses developing your entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities, it equips you for navigating VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environments in future. Anything you learn during this programme will be transferable into any other situation, however different it may be. Your ability to think strategically, take action and solve-problems using your own initiative are exactly the kinds of things graduate employers are looking for.

Core Programme Elements

The programme comprises the following core elements:

This programme is all about developing your our personal capabilities and mindset. For this reason, your first activity on the programme will be to identify your baseline Entrepreneurial Competencies using our dedicated self-assessment tool ECHO. This will provide you with a rich and insightful profile, based around the 15 dimensions of the EntreComp Framework, for example Financial Literacy, Planning & Management, Coping with Risk, Ambiguity & Uncertainty, Creativity or Visioning.

This baseline understanding will help you to better understand your strengths and where you can take responsibility with confidence, as well as your weaknesses so you can focus on developing them throughout the programme. At the end of the programme, you will be asked to undertake the assessment process again, which will reveal how you have grown and where to continue focussing your self-development activities. This process alone is incredibly powerful in helping you take ownership of your entrepreurial learning journey.

Your cohort will be attached to one of Lancaster University's prestigious Innovation Catalyst programmes, which bring together groups of SMEs to tackle common issues for their sector or industry within a particular geographical region. The Innovation Catalyst aims to drive positive and sustainable change for the stakeholders to these issues over the longer-term, and your input in the early stages of this process will be invaluable.

You will work alongside your fellow cohort members and these SMEs for up to 100 hours, identifying where you can add most value individually and collectively, before agreeing and implementing your action plans. The work you undertake will be varied, challenging and rewarding, and provide you with lots of opportunities to develop your entrepreneurial competencies, playing to your strengths but stepping outside your comfort zone where required.

Significantly, you will not know what you will be working on until you are introduced to the SMEs at their Activation Workshop where together you will begin to explore their shared problem-space, identify their common priorities and consider where to start taking action.

Entrepreneurial learning and development is incremental, and often invisible, so it's important to reflect constantly so you can more consciously observe this happening. We'll support you directly in this through regular mentoring touchpoints with our programme lead, ensuring that you've always got a someone to turn to when things get tough, when you need a sounding board, or when you just want to share something you are proud of. These

It's safe to say that at some point you will find yourself outside your comfort zone, unclear about what you are expected to do or how you might go about it. You may have even tried things that didn't work out. This can all be disconcerting, but rest assured this is entirely normal and possibly the biggest indicator of growth. Failing forward is a key element of entrepreneurial learning. Sometimes, you just need to get back up and try again, but when you do, you will always have people around you to help.

As well as the mentoring touchpoints and post-programme reflection, you will be expected to complete a reflective log (or even go public with a blog) as you go along.

Engagement Academy FAQs

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