EVENT: Colour Me Confident!

Colour Me Confident – How to Dress to Impress: Tues 16th Feb, 6pm – 7.30pm, LUMS LT 03colourmeconfident2

Careers event presented by Cliff Bashford; personal stylist, TV presenter and award winning Global Trainer for Colour Me Beautiful.

The way you look tells us all about you, even before you introduce yourself. A poor self image is self-defeating; it gets in the way of you projecting your true qualities and abilities. A positive image leads to improved self-esteem which gives you more confidence in interview and when you start your first job.

In this session you will:

  • Learn what it take to be ‘well dressed’
  • Understand your own personal colouring and shape
  • Find out how to choose the right shirt, suit, tie for maximum impact and girls, you’ll learn how to dress to impress.

The workshop is going to be entertaining as well as useful and will make you think twice about what image you want to portray to future employers and potential business investors and funders.

If you are venturing out into the business world as a young entrepreneur, you need to demonstrate that you are professional and reliable; whilst Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg shared his standard casual work uniform this week and the Silicon Valley dress code is rather more casual than you might think, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the importance of your attire. As the old saying goes, first impressions count. Looking self assured and confident psychologically increases your actual confidence so why put yourself on the back foot by dressing badly and giving the impression that you haven’t made an effort?

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