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Lancaster University graduates start Supp! Lancastersuppltd2

Alex Tkatchev and Tim Seabrook  have started their new business venture, Supp! Lancaster since graduating from Lancaster University.

About Us

Supp! is for students who are dissatisfied with the current lack of community trading platforms and student retail providers. Our service is a sharing economy marketplace and online shop providing a new exchange framework for students. Unlike Gumtree, eBay or Amazon, we have assembled a community driven hub that allows you to freely and effectively share, sell and shop within your local community.

As students, we searched high and low for good, cheap living essentials, and found nothing that met our needs. With few home products suitable for students on the market, we were required to find many of the items we now own from within the student community. We found this extremely time consuming, difficult to organize and very frustrating. We’ve built Supp! to make life easier for students by facilitating green trading, as well as providing a reliable and affordable source of quality living essentials.

Social Mission

Students are currently facing financial turmoil. Accommodation and tuition fees continue to rise, giving birth to an ever-increasing demand for affordable, quality living essentials. At the same time, at Lancaster University alone, 3.9 tones of waste were left in 2010, increasing to 44 tones by 2014.

The worst part – a large portion of the waste was categorized reusable; items students were merely unable to give away or sell like electronics, furniture and books. We want to connect the 35,000 individuals currently attempting to trade locally over ad-hoc Facebook Groups.

Supp! aspires to become a financial safety net that connects students, giving local information and community support, as well as incentivizing generosity by rewarding users with perks. With the Exchange and Auction, users are given the ability and opportunity to share or sell their unwanted items locally at no cost.


We have been gearing up to launch our online shop selling kitchen packs for the opening of Freshers Fair. We will be opening a round of Beta testing in the coming weeks for the marketplaces, with the Exchange & Auction opening up shortly after! At the fair we will be giving away discounts and prizes, so make sure to come say ”Hi” and see what we’re up to!

Check out our website for more info and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our other social media platforms for more updates!

Additionally, you may contact us on if you have any questions!

Supp! Lancaster are currently offering a discount on their kitchen starter packs, with free delivery and a variety of colours to choose from. Find out more here.