Oli Monks: ‘Nobody’s Listening’

‘But it’s ok not to be ok’

Alumnus Oli Monks recently posted a very honest blog post in which he highlights the hidden, yet all too frequent pressure placed on people to put on a front that everything is going brilliantly. Not only is this a common pressure for entrepreneurs but it is applicable everywhere and very important to recognise. The post is well worth a read here.

The magic that happens when Alumni and students are in town

A film about stories, inspiration and working together to make new things happen

Current student Sara Procter and alumnus Allan Costa have a lot in common. They are both on a path to doing what they love, working with their passions and making things happen.

I worked with them both recently as part of the ‘Startup Stories’ series of events. Allan was one of six former students who joined us at our last event in June, to share tales of their entrepreneurial journeys with our current students. Sara took up the challenge to capture and cut this lovely film you can see above.

Sara is a Fine Art student with a passion for film making and animation. A raw talent with a natural creative ability in film making, animation and storytelling, she has a vision for where she wants to be in life, but as for most people, the pathway is unclear.

You can spend a lot of time thinking, dreaming and worrying about the future. What you have to do is make a start by ‘doing’, ‘trying’ and ‘experimenting’ with new things. When you do the pathway starts to unfold before you.

Sara is a student who understands this. She is exploring and finding her element, working with her passions to develop herself and her potential by getting involved and as a result adding value to others through her creative talents. Sara’s network and contacts and opportunities will open up as a result of what she has achieved though this film; she has started the journey of getting to where she wants to be.

It wasn’t rocket science, and there wasn’t any grand plan we just decided we would try and do something together. Sara came along with her camera and her talent, captured the event on film and lifted out one of the most compelling elements to create a short story. We have worked closely in the final product, shaping, tweaking, refining and Sara has been totally open to working in this way; we have all learned something new through collaboration. Our thanks and congratulations to Sara for being a Student Enterprise Champion, and to Allan Costa too for his support in the final sound production.

Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson says that human resources are like natural resources, they are usually hiding just under the surface and you need to make a bit of an effort to find them. If you are a student or staff member with a talent, idea or skill which you would like to unearth or develop, you can work with the enterprise team to make new things happen. Get in touch here.

If you are a Lancaster University Alumnus and would like to support the activities of the Enterprise Centre working with young entrepreneurs you can get in touch here.

Everyone is welcome at these events so don’t miss out! Staff students and alumni can book places via Target Connect; Log in and search for ‘Startup Stories’.

Don’t miss ‘Start Up Stories’ on 11th June



'I'd have to rate an English Literature degree because the skills I used...taking information and assimilating it and presenting it for PR, marketing, business partners.'

‘I’d have to rate an English Literature degree because of the skills I used…taking information and assimilating it and presenting it for PR, marketing, business partners.’

Entertainment, wisdom and valuable career insights for all, from enterprising Lancaster University Alumni

11th June 2015, 6-9pm, Brandrigg Room (Barker House Farm)

Book now on Target Connect to secure your place.

If you’re an undergraduate or a postgraduate student ‘scratching your head’ for career inspiration, or even if you  think know where you’re heading, you can’t fail to be enlightened by what our enterprising alumni share with us at ‘Start Up Stories’.

Back by popular demand, this is a story telling event where Lancaster enterprising alumni form all  disciplines and sectors return to campus to tell the stories of their personal development journeys; transitions from blue chip careers to starting their their own businesses, making a life and a living from their research or simply fulfilling their purpose by doing something to make positive change for people.

You ‘ll learn about the highs, the lows, the failures and the learning that are the pathway to success on this winding journey we call a career, and you’ll hear it first hand from people who are doing what they love and loving what they do in their own ventures.

As a potential employee, manager or entrepreneur, you really can’t fail to learn something valuable and you might meet a future employer, a mentor or simply expand your networks.

Stories will be told to the magic of live illustration and there will be nibbles and refreshments.

Book now on Target Connect to secure your place.

This event is possible because of generous donations to the Alumni Friends Fund.