Teach creativity for the future

“Creativity will increasingly be the defining human talent”

I have read a few articles recently on the importance of creativity for the future of the economy and workforce and how we need to design an education that fits future needs.

With increasing levels of mechanisation associated with advances in technology, a number of jobs are at risk of automation, even jobs such as coding will likely soon be quicker done by machines. As a result, greater emphasis is being placed on developing creativity within today’s children as this is something which machines won’t be able to do. So, whilst we should embrace and take advantage of the incredible capabilities of technology, we should also be working to strengthen our uniquely human qualities.

Two articles which discuss this topic in more depth include:


Designing a Future Economy

Research from the Design Council on the role and value of design skills

The Design Council have published the executive summary for Designing a Future Economy – a report looking at the role and value of design skills to the UK economy. The research looks at the skills used in design, the link between these skills and productivity and innovation, and future demand for skills.

The results portray the high value of design to the UK economy – with design skills adding over £209 billion in GVA. The research also found that people using design skills are 47% more productive than the average UK worker.

However, the research also found evidence of an emerging skills gap. With a decline in the numbers of students choosing Design related subjects at school, the report also outlines some suggestions on what could be done to reverse the decline; ideas include incorporating design into STEM subjects and improving support for design skills within career-long learning.

The full research report will be available in January 2018, but for now, the executive summary can be accessed through the Design Council’s website: Designing a Future Economy



Design Council Spark

‘Turning bright ideas into products’

Design Council Spark is a programme of support and funding designed to help you successfully turn your bright idea into a commercial product.

Up to 15 finalists will be selected for the programme in March, following a selection process which includes a two day design camp for those shortlisted. The programme then runs for 16 weeks and involves the provision of specialist expertise and mentoring. Those accepted onto the programme will receive an initial sum of £15,000 to help develop their product and they will also be given the opportunity to pitch for a further share of £200,000.

Following the programme, finalists will receive lifelong membership to the Design Council Spark alumni network and access to the Design Council’s extensive community.

The deadline for applications is the 10th of January 2017 – for more information and to submit an application visit their website here.

Importance of IP to today’s Inventors

This article published by the Design Council explores the perceived importance of IP and how this may be changing.  Are modern day inventors becoming less inclined to take the traditional trusted legal protection approach? Are they instead choosing to focus more on the development of their design and a strong brand?

In the article, a range of designers and lawyers are asked to share their thoughts on the matter.

To read more, click here.