Ad: Introductory Mindfulness Workshop

Introductory Mindfulness Workshop, Saturday 13 June


Introductory Mindfulness Workshop in Lytham, Lancs (FY8 5HW) with Dr Jan Goss on Sat 13th June:

  • 10am-1pm (£40)
  • 2pm-4.30pm (25)
  • 10% discount for bookings of 2+ people.

“Mindfulness enables us to identify and implement the changes necessary to experience greater success in our personal and professional lives and ensures  greater awareness and control over our life experience. It enhances our health and wellbeing and enables us to make informed choices that lead to positive change and growth, in order to take us in the direction of our personal and professional ‘goals’.

Through mindfulness-based coaching you can develop a set of transferable skills to sustain you on your journey:  improving focus and concentration; strengthening emotional resilience; increasing creative capacity; and mental clarity. This skills-set ensures better communication at the intrapersonal and interpersonal levels, and the balance necessary to create a life that is personally meaningful, because mindfulness enables us to be more authentic.” (Dr Jan Goss)

If you’re interested in learning more about Mindfulness and how you can apply it to your career and life, this small group meeting is the perfect opportunity. Email Jan here for more information, or visit her website here.


Dr Jan Goss is a former Lancaster University PhD student and was supported by the Enterprise Team whilst starting her business.