Entrepreneurial Panel Q&A

The Enterprise Team would like to invite students, staff and alumni to attend a special panel event with three of Lancaster University’s Entrepreneurs in Residence. The session will be run as a Q&A, so come prepared to quiz the panel, find out about their experiences and ask for advice on setting up your own venture! Even though the entrepreneurs run businesses predominantly in the engineering and IT sectors, their knowledge about what it takes to run and start up a successful business will be valuable to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sitting on the panel will be:

Michael Hill (Managing Director of Optima Control Solutions)

Optima Control Solutions is an expert industrial control systems company, supplying systems and services to companies from multiple sectors, in numerous countries, helping them to improve their processes, productivity and ultimately their profitability.

Andy Hooper (Managing Director of Westlakes Engineering)

Westlakes Engineering is a consultancy providing civil, structural , environmental and attraction safety services. The company has grown quickly since it started in 2004, by establishing a reputation for providing a high quality, professional service to a wide range of clients.

Mark Shepherd (Managing Director of Vertigo Solutions Ltd)

Mark has had a varied career in catering, engineering and even 12 years as a Police Officer – all this before setting up his own IT company. Vertigo Solutions Ltd provide a variety of IT support solutions to a range of markets from manufacturing to education and healthcare.

When? Friday 18th May, 1-3pm

Where? Learning Zone Pod 4

Secure your space on the session by booking through Target Connect.

Come along to pick up some tips and learn from those who have been there and done it!

Learn from experienced International Entrepreneurs!

We are excited to have two US based entrepreneurs – Bill Lewis and Renwick Brutus coming to Lancaster to share their experience and expertise with budding Lancaster entrepreneurs. Take a look below at their profiles and email the Enterprise Team to book a place on either (or both!) of the sessions. Both sessions will take place in Learning Zone Pod 4.

Bill Lewis (Advisor to the Board – Temasys Communications)

Talk and Q&A – Tuesday 14th November, 11am-1pm

‘Things I wished I had known when I was 20’

Bill Lewis, Lancaster alumnus, former international corporate director, serial entrepreneur, author and speaker will be sharing his worldly lessons including both successes and failures. Being threatened with murder by the head of a Caribbean Drug Cartel and being bombed out of Beirut, Bill has seen more than most in this life time. His wisdom and relaxed style will help to inspire you to do great things, avoid many mistakes, and live a life of health, wealth, joy and recognition.


Renwick Brutus (Founder & CEO of Achievement Resources & UDECOM LLC)

Thursday 16th November, 10am-12pm

Renwick believes in the power of the possible. His uncanny ability to identify issues, extrapolate solutions, project the positive, and prioritise the path to success informs his every moment – personally, in business and as a community leader. Renwick grew up in rural Guyana and experienced a powerful mix of adversity and accomplishment. He later moved to the US to study for an MBA and went on to work on Wall Street, where he was recognised numerous times for outstanding achievement in the financial and investment services industry. Now based in Michigan, Renwick owns three companies, consults with an impressive list of clients, is in demand as a motivational speaker and is writing a book.


Insights into Web Development and Building a Successful Business

Next Week’s Entrepreneurs!

Below are the profiles of two business founders who are available for you to meet this coming Thursday (16th) 2-4pm. Both have a wealth of knowledge and experience which they are keen to share with any budding entrepreneur, so why not come and run your idea past them? If you wish to book an appointment please email the Enterprise Team. 

Alan Jewitt

Managing Director of SYPO 

Alan trained as a computer programmer and is now founder of SYPO (Sell Your Products Online). Based in Kendal, SYPO are a web development company, providing web and desktop solutions to a customer base of SMEs. Alan first started learning about web development in 2000 and had his first customer in 2002. Initially working from home, he soon realised he needed more space, prompting a move into an office, allowing him to employ a team and provide proper support for his customers. Today SYPO has four full-time developers, providing web and desktop solutions.

Philip Coatesworth

Managing Director of Boatbridge

Philip came to LUMS in 1974 in an attempt to escape the corporate bureaucracy experienced in his previous employment. During his MA he set up a small van sales operation, delivering flowers and plants to local florists and garden centres, over the next 20 years this expanded into a large multi-site operation. Following the collapse of the business in 1995, Philip founded PYD which became the world’s largest specialist provider of crewed yacht delivery services. Phil is now involved in a wide range of SME support, graduate and undergraduate activities as well as, actively working, via his new company Boatbrige Ltd., on promoting a Shackleton leadership development programme.

Insights into Building a Business and Franchising

This weeks Entrepreneur – Len Rainford

Len Rainford

Franchise Director and Management Consultant for The Franchise Specialist 

With over 30 years’ experience, Len has seen franchising from every angle and aspect. He has been Franchise Manager for two international companies, has been a Franchisee and Franchiser
and has worked as a Franchise Consultant for several major brands. Not only that, Len has also started, run and sold four businesses – all in different sectors. He now works in a consultancy role passing on the knowledge and experience that he has gained over the years to help others to achieve their goals.

Meeting Time-slot: Tuesday 7th March, 2-4pm

If you wish to book an appointment to meet Len, please email the Enterprise Team.


Insights into CGI, Web Development & Consultancy…

This week’s Entrepreneurs!

Below are the profiles of two experienced founders who are available for you to meet this Thursday (2nd) 2-4pm. If you wish to book an appointment please email the Enterprise Team. 

Anshul Kapoor

Founding Director of Image Foundry Studios

Anshul started in business over 15 years ago with a IT recruitment company, recruiting IT professionals from overseas. However, in the aftermath of September 11th, the demand for overseas IT Professionals fell dramatically. This led to the business diversifying into website development, outsourcing work overseas. Then one day, in response to a customer query, Anshul added computer generated imagery to his business repertoire. Now as founder of a major CGI supplier, he works with property developers, architects, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom manufacturers and also TV and media companies.

Jonathan Shaw

Founding Partner and Managing Director of Anderton Gables

As the son of a builder, Jonathan has been surrounded by property and construction all his life. After working with his dad, renovating and developing property he went on to qualify as a Chartered Building Surveyor. Some years after qualifying and working for a number of international Property Consultancy firms, Jonathan identified a gap in the local market and went on to co-find Anderton Gables – a Commercial Building Surveyors and Project Development Consultants. Founded in 2007 and already expanding, their vision is to be the leading Building Consultancy in the North of England.


To see the list of entrepreneurs coming in over the next few weeks click here.