Shift to a Gamified, Narrative-based Educational Assessment Regime?!

Dr Alexander K. Kofinas explores the argument for a shift in educational assessment to a more narrative-orientated approach in an interesting article for the Chartered Association of Business Schools. With student engagement becoming an increasing problem, the close link between academic engagement and assessment regimes is an important aspect for educators to consider. Evidence of changes in methods of teaching to meet current needs are already evident including the increased incorporation of methods such a blended learning, flipped classrooms, practice-based learning and game-based learning.

A key example of a method which can help educators to articulate a specific narrative to students is through the use of educational gamification. Good games are carefully designed, developed and implemented to hook players in, if an educational journey is designed in a similar manner, focused on engagement it could result in a more successful and satisfying learning experience.

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ChinaUK Entrepreneurship Challenge Semi- Final

Support the 8 teams through to the semi-final- Thursday 25th June 2015


Drop in from 10am-4pm, LUMS, Lecture Theatre 2 on Thursday 25th June.

The ChinaUK Entrepreneurship Challenge has reached semi final stage: here’s your chance to support the final 8 teams and hear their pitches for developing commercial relationships and improving business collaboration between China and the UK.

Finalists have the opportunity to win £13,000 cash prizes and £500,000 for the best business plans.

Find out more about the challenge here.