‘Startup founders have to be a little bit crazy’

‘Entrepreneurs are gloriously imperfect’

Luke Lang, founder of Crowdcude has written a great response to a recent letter published in The Guardian from a startup employee who claimed that unless you’re lucky, working for a startup often isn’t as fun and successful as portrayed, describing many startups as ‘rudderless and stuffed with clueless children.’ In this article, Luke defends the often somewhat crazy nature of entrepreneurs and discusses how this is something which should be embraced and celebrated rather than criticised.

It may well be that the entrepreneurial mindset does not align with that of others, however it is just that unique mindset of not following rules, bravery and creativity which enables them to succeed. As Luke rightly concludes, ‘without the creativity they bring and the impact they make, life would be quickly squeezed out of the UK’s business environment.’

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