Nesta’s best books on innovation

‘8 of the best books on innovation’

To mark World Book Day, Nesta created a list of 8 of their favourite innovation reads.

Take a look at the full list on Nesta’s blog.

Do you have any favourite enterprise reads?



Nesta’s innovation predictions for 2018

’10 trends, tech breakthroughs and social movements for the year ahead’

Innovation foundation Nesta have made some predictions for the coming year in terms of tech breakthroughs and social movements.  Predictions include drones delivering public benefit, Artificial Intelligence creating prize winning art, the internet going green, tech giants racing to buy a healthcare provider and the increased use of complex simulation methods to experiment with new ideas.

You can read the full article on Nesta’s website.

Paid Internships with Nesta Innovation Foundation

Recent graduate interested in working for an innovative organisation?

Nesta are an innovation foundation, their mission is to ‘seek out, spark and shape powerful new ideas, joining with others to take on the big challenges of our time and shift how the world works for everyone.’ They are currently advertising 12 six month internships, within a variety of areas across the organisation including, government innovation, International innovation, Health and Design. All internships at to be paid at London Living Wage.

Maybe you’re a graduate looking to take your next steps? Why not take a look to see if something catches your eye? The full list can be found on the Nesta website.

Applications close at 10am on Tuesday the 29th of August 2017.


Cohort learning and R&D tools

‘Why cohort learning works’

Using the example of a recent Research & Development phase focused bootcamp, Nesta explains why a cohort approach to learning can be beneficial, especially for groups of people with common needs. Cohort based learning helps to encourage natural collaboration and peer support –  building stronger networks among participants, whilst also providing them with the relevant skills.

In addition to talking about cohort learning, their blog post includes a number of useful tools used during the bootcamp to help projects to start undertaking R&D work, including help to conduct a ‘pre-mortem,’ stakeholder mapping tools and guides to prototyping. To read the full article visit the Nesta blog.

£50,000 Inventor Prize

Got an idea for a product that could improve people’s lives?

Calling all inventors, entrepreneurs, shed-tinkerers, DIYers or life-hackers – if you have an idea for a product which could help improve people’s lives, the Inventor Prize could be for you!

Nesta are launching the prize in partnership with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The prize aims to inspire and harness the potential of the UK’s home-grown inventors and stimulate user-led innovation. The prize will support individuals and small organisations to take their innovative products from idea to market.

The deadline for applications is the 22nd of October 2017.  In November, a panel of judges will select 10 finalists to receive £5,000 as well as bespoke mentoring to develop their product. Then the overall winner will be announced in September next year, winning £50,000 to make their dream a reality.

To find out more and enter the competition visit the Inventor Prize website.

What is Design?

Nesta’s take on design

What first comes to your mind when asked what ‘design’ is? Design is a term which is difficult to define and can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways by different people.

In a post made by the innovation charity Nesta, they attempt to clarify what their meaning of the term ‘design.’ They do this through breaking down design as a discipline, explaining its value and outlining some of its key principles. It’s a very useful article and worth a read on Nesta’s blog.


Mapping digital tech clusters in Tech Nation 2016

Nesta and Tech City UK to map UK’s tech businesses & their needs


Nesta, Tech City UK and Growth Intelligence will create an unprecedented data map of the UK’s digital technology businesses, with the aim of identifying their needs and encouraging policy makers and educators to use big data mapping to support innovation.

By using machine learning algorithms, they will look at website content to identify the UK’s tech companies and capture the velocity with which they are evolving and their importance within the UK economy. Their research will focus upon the capabilities, resources and networks within these tech ecosystems – it is hoped by mapping these, a clearer picture will emerge and a deeper understanding of the tech business industry will follow.

If you’re part of a digital business, you can take part in the annual Tech Nation survey. Read more about the mapping project, and the survey here.

Calling all creatives: opportunity with the NESTA gallery

Showcase your creative work at the NESTA offices in London


Nesta have announced an open call for artists to apply to exhibit their creative work at the Nesta offices in London for a six month period.

If you’d like to see your work displayed in the capital, and the opportunity to have it viewed by many diverse audiences, apply now.

Click here to view previous exhibitions, or apply here. You’ll need to provide a brief biography about the art you would like to display, including dimensions and a persuasive reason why your work should be displayed with the Nesta gallery.

Innovation and the NHS

New report reveals an optimistic outlook for the National Health Service in 2030; if new knowledge is used to manage health


Nesta recently published a report, ‘The NHS in 2030: a people-powered and knowledge-powered health system’.

In the report the authors set out four axes of change within the Health service: “the promise of precision medicine, a health knowledge commons stretching beyond traditional actors, a system powered by more people and new kinds of relationships, and taking advantage of contemporary behavioural insights”. In short, change will be determined by using new knowledge and technology to drive patient led research and care, and encouraging people to manage their own health.

The key factor undermining change within the NHS therefore, is innovation and forward thinking. If you have an interest in working within the NHS in a non-clinical role, your ability to adapt to change, think innovatively, and use data to set standards and create initiatives, will be invaluable.

You can read the report here.