Lancaster Alumnus opens Google-style office in Preston

Antony Chesworth opens £3.5m Google-style office

Antony Chesworth (Computer Science, 2001) is founder of Lancashire based eCommerce giant, The award-winning software company have recently moved into their new Google inspired 23,500 sq ft head office space in Preston. The new office is the result of almost 4 years of designing, planning and construction. It comes complete with state-of-the-art office tech, a gym, rest and relaxation areas and a slide, with the aim of making work more enjoyable! The office space is setting the company up for significant future growth.

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Science Shows How People With Messy Desks Are Actually Different Than Everyone Else

Are you too messy? Instead of a filing cabinet, do you have piles of folders bursting to the seams? Is your Rolodex covered with doodles, while your drawers are full of loose business cards? Do memos arrive at your desk only to be tossed in an overstuffed trash can or linger in eternity amid a heap of their forgotten brethren?

A messy desk with lots of paperwork

We’re trained to think that messiness is evil and unproductive. But there might be a method to all that madness.

It turns out science can explain. There’s fairly robust psychological evidence that messiness isn’t just symptomatic of poor standards or effort, but might actually provoke creativity

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Office space and hot desks available in LEC

We’d like you to move in!

Come and co-locate alongside Lancaster University’s internationally renowned knowledge base at the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC). Base your entire company at LEC, just your R&D staff, or take a hot desk when you need it. We have rooms for two to ten people, and have recently increased our hot desk space to eight spaces.

LEC has hosted over 50 companies since 2005 and LEC co-location facilities featured as an exemplar in a recent government report, the Witty Review, on how universities should work with businesses.

Each LEC resident company is supported by one of our Enterprise and Business team to welcome you into our global community, facilitating joint research projects by identifying suitable partnerships, and enabling your business to take advantage of our cutting edge research and multi-million pound facilities, such as state of the art research laboratories, glass houses and growth rooms.

We’ll help you build relationship with the wider university community through our contacts, gain access to international markets through our international collaborative programmes, and access high quality graduates with opportunities for student placements throughout the year.

Mike Berners-Lee, Director, Small World Consulting Limited, explains what his business has gained from being based in LEC, “Being based on the campus is of immeasurable value to my business. We have frequent contact with academics from many different departments. We draw upon the academics’ expertise, and they often draw upon ours.

“At any one time there are usually several collaborations going on, some commercial and others research based. Above all we value the continuous exchange of ideas.”

Jonathan Lutwyche, CEO of The REACH Centre Limited, added, “The REACH Centre would not have been formed without the strategic support provided by LEC and would not be sustainable without the resources made available through locating on the campus.”

For a business space suited to your needs contact Jenny Roberts, Business Manager, tel: +44 (0)1524 510 409,

Read more on our co-location page | Download our co-location flyer | Watch our film on co-location which includes an interview with Jonathan Lutwyche.

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