Meet The Apprentice 2014 winner Mark Wright

Apprentice 101 – How to be successful in business: Thursday 28th April, 6pm

Lancaster’s Bright Futures Society will be welcoming The Apprentice winner, Mark Wright, at an event next Thursday, ‘The Apprentice 101 – How to succeed in business’ from 6pm in LUMS LT1.

The Apprentice inspired event will provide students with a real insight into Mark’s business success – focusing on his experience in winning the BBC series and the challenges he now faces in running a seven figure turnover digital marketing agency in partnership with Lord Sugar.

In addition, Mark will also provide students with top tips on how best to achieve their career goals, followed by an open question and answer session.

Mark confirms, “When studying at college or university the prospect of choosing the right career is both a daunting and exciting task, where more often than not students are stuck between knowing what they want to do and how best to achieve it. I know that feeling all too well, and as a result know exactly what steps to take to overcome any initial stumbling blocks.”

“Therefore, when I was approached by The Bright Futures Society I was instantly on board, and hope that I can inspire students to work hard towards achieving their career goals, just as Lord Sugar and other leading businessmen have inspired me.”

Now employing 30 digital marketing specialists and working with over 230 businesses from across the UK and overseas, Mark Wright’s digital marketing agency, Climb Online, is forecast to doubles its initial £1.7 million turnover by the close of 2016, making it one of the most successful businesses to have been founded by The Apprentice platform.

To book your place, visit the Facebook event here.

Has the Apprentice ruined what it means to be an entrepreneur?

Is entrepreneurship really a world of arrogance, back biting and dishonesty?


The Apprentice is back, marking ten years of searching for that illusive apprentice who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, and determination, required to succeed in the business world. However – is The Apprentice an accurate portrayal of what it really takes to be an entrepreneur?

No, it is not.

According to a recent YouGov poll, business related TV programme like The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den have significantly affected the nation’s understanding of entrepreneurship, and it appears that we now see this world as “dog eat dog” with corrupt and dishonest individuals. Whilst small businesses and apprenticeships are promoted and hailed by politicians as encouraging opportunities for young people, this fictitious, stereotypical portrayal of apprentices are unhelpful and damaging, with only 3% believing that the entrepreneurial world is populated by considerate, caring people. Parents may no longer encourage their children to become business leaders, whilst young adults will not see the value in pursuing their entrepreneurial ventures for fear of the ruthless business world.

Viewers understand that these programmes are produced with controversy  and entertainment in mind;  the contestants are playing the game and are arguably chosen for their personality and character, rather than their business acumen. With this in mind, why is there so much distrust for ‘entrepreneurs’ and why have we allowed entertainment to cloud our perception of hardworking people who make things happen?

Read more here, and let us know what you think – do you watch The Apprentice and what does this negative perception of entrepreneurship mean to you?