What’s the point of creativity at university?

Full Talk [1:06] here

Sir Ken Robinson is one of the world’s most influential thinkers on education, creativity and human potential.

His RSA Animate ‘Changing Educational Paradigms’ galvanised thinking about the role that creativity plays in schools.

In this talk he returned to the RSA as they embark on a new programme of work to explore how universities can give their students ‘the power to create’.

Should higher education institutions be playing a greater role in developing the creative capacities of their students, in order to prepare them for the careers and economies and societies of the future – and if so, how?

What are the major current systemic barriers and enablers to a creativity-led approach, and where are the examples of innovative practice that could show the way for others?

These are questions of urgent relevance to students, educators and institutional leaders in the UK if we are to equip future generations with the skills and capacities they will need to live flourishing lives in a rapidly transforming global landscape.


Content from the RSA . More on creativity from the RSA here: Mathematician and Fields Medallist Cédric Villani offers a unique insight into the creative process, and what it takes to produce breakthrough discoveries in human knowledge.