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History Resources

Here you’ll find advice from current students and recommendations from our lecturers to help you get ready for your next steps in becoming an undergraduate historian. You can also find insights into some of the historical topics you can explore here at Lancaster.

Please click below to view YouTube playlists and taster lectures created by our academics in the History Department on their research interests.

Lancaster Castle and Northern English History: The View from the Stronghold

With this free online course from Lancaster University, we will use Lancaster Castle to investigate how 2000 years of history has shaped the north-west of England.

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BBC History Extra Podcasts - Dr Sophie Therese Ambler

Click here as she chronicles the dramatic life of Simon de Montfort, the 13th-century rebel who battled Henry III for mastery in England.

BBC History Extra Podcasts - Dr Tim Hickman

Click here as he answers listener questions about the ban on booze in 1920s America, from speakeasies and moonshine to Al Capone‚Äôs shady dealings.

If you love History, read our magazine - EPOCH

EPOCH is a magazine published by members of the history community at Lancaster University. It allows our postgraduate to show their work for everyone to enjoy. People from other universities have also contributed to bring you global history.

Please click the link below to look through articles on different regions around the world.