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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Teachers

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Lancaster University’s Teacher CPD twilight series

Join us for a series of free Teacher CPD, networking and best practice sessions, led by various academic departments across Lancaster University. 

These short workshops and interactive sessions are designed to provide teachers, advisers and tutors in both secondary and further education institutions the opportunity to explore subject specialisms in more detail, and associated research themes, that support teaching practices.

Explore the range of topics below.

Workshop report: Gender-inclusive language and what it means for the Modern Foreign Languages classroom

2021 Teacher CPD sessions Accordion

  • STEM: Thursday 22nd April at 16.00

    The Faculty of Science and Technology’s Engineering Department CPD event for teachers of Chemistry and Physics

    Subjects: Chemistry, Physics and Engineering

    This workshop will introduce a digital teaching resource that can be used by students in a virtual learning environment, in school or at home. Teachers will learn how academics are using the simulation in current, cutting edge research, and have the chance to create their own resource to enrich the curriculum.

    Examples of how the simulation has been used by Lancaster researchers:

    • To analyse the impact and cause of radiation damage in nuclear reactors
    • To observe how materials behave under temperature and pressure changes, resulting in the development of new manufacturing techniques.

    The simulation can be used to demonstrate changes of phase and state and as a data gathering exercise to visually explain molecular dynamics and bulk properties, as well as relationships between volume, pressure, kinetic energy and temperature. The workshop will be most interesting for teachers of Chemistry and Physics at KS4 and KS5.

    Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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  • What do Race, Empire and Colonialism have to do with education today?: May 2021 (date TBC)

    The subject matter for this session, stems out of joint efforts across the departments of Educational Research and Sociology. Lead by Dr Sunita Abraham, we will be exploring how our past shapes the present and the impact of this line of enquiry on education, and educational environments today.

    Register for this event: coming soon

  • Supporting your students through Clearing: June 2021 (date TBC)

    Join staff from our Admissions team for a session on UCAS Clearing, providing some practical help for teachers in supporting students.

    Register for this event: coming soon

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