About Me

Academic Background

I am a first year PhD student at STOR-i CDT. My project is entitled 'Scalable Monte Carlo in the general Big Data setting'. Click here for further details.

I graduated with a BSc Mathematics and Economics degree in 2016 from the LSE. I took a mixture of courses in Pure and Applied Maths, Statistics, and Economics. In the 2016/17 academic year, I chose to stay on at the LSE to pursue an MSc in Statistics. My Masters' project focused on feature screening for ultrahigh-dimensional data.

STOR-i Internship 2015

I first became acquainted with STOR-i in 2015, during the summer internship programme. My internship project focused on locally stationary time series. It was this experience that initially motivated me to pursue postgraduate studies in Statistics, eventually leading to joining STOR-i full time this year. You can find out more about STOR-i here and my summer project here.

Other Interests

I love to volunteer in my spare time. In the past few years, I have worked with a number of different organisations. One particularly fond memory is of working on the Kith and Kids Summer Development Project in 2016. Currently, I am working with the North Lancashire Counselling Service in Lancaster.