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Current Projects

The PIC16C84 is a good choice for the beginner as you can put together a development system very cheaply, and the chip may be programmed many times by virtue of its EEPROM memory. Other members of the PIC family have EPROM program memory, which can slow the development cycle when you have to erase them.

My PIC16C84 development system comprises

If you want to build anything using a PIC then buy the Embedded Controller Handbook from Arizona Microchip. There are loads of applications in it and it shows source code and circuit diagrams that really work, so you can get an idea of what can be done, and how to do it...

Beginner's Buying List

For developing applications on the PIC16C84 you might need the following...
  1. The Embedded Controller Handbook (buy it from Maplin, Farnell and RS amongst others)
  2. The PIC16C84 help file from TRISYS Inc. (an up-to-date version may be found at TRISYS Inc.'s Home Page)
  3. PFE (free from many FTP sites, and from Alan's PFE page)
  4. MPASM (from Microchip's Web Page)
  5. MPSIM (a PIC simulator)
  6. Application note AN589
  7. PIC16C84 programmer for AN589 under Windows 3.1x
  8. Latest version 0.6VB programmer for AN589 under Windows 3.1x
  9. A PIC16C84 chip built into a target circuit (Many thanks to Steve Marchant for allowing me to use a copy of his original test circuit.) This is also available as a PDF file from here.
Note: I believe my PIC '84 programmer (PROG84.EXE) will work under Windows '95 although I have not tested it.

Further information

UK PIC Meeting Place. Hopefully this page will grow as more people want to publish job offers and exchange services. (last update 10 Oct 1996)

The BASIC Stamp

Parallax are a company who support PICs. They have developed a product called the BASIC Stamp, which is a PIC programmed with a BASIC interpreter. You write your program in BASIC, and it runs it for you. This is an excellent solution where you want to do fairly high-level things, like lots of maths, and you don't want to code it in assembler. The Stamp costs about 35 and the development system costs about 150 (in the UK). There is currently only one UK dealer: Milford Instruments, Milford House, 120 High Street, South Milford, LEEDS LS25 5AQ. Phone 01977 683665 (24hrs), FAX 01977 681465

No web page, but you can e-mail Ed Buckley there.

Parallax also do a range of PIC development tools including programmers, compilers and assemblers, and emulators.

If you know of any more good stuff then mail me and I shall put it here. This is the page for PIC users.

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