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Application Note 10

Problems with IntelliPoint 2.2 Mouse Driver

Version 2.2 of the IntelliPoint driver for the Microsoft IntelliMouse (which is built in to Windows 98 and Windows 2000, and can be added to Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0) has been observed to cause some problems when used with PFE 0.07.002 and later. The earlier release 2.0 of the driver worked correctly.

In the older version of the driver, it was left to the application itself to support the wheel scrolling and panning features of the mouse. PFE provided support for scrolling when the wheel was rotated according to the published software specifications, but did not support auto-panning.

The problem with the new driver comes from the way that it tries to provide wheel support for all applications - even those not written to be aware of the IntelliMouse.

Wheel scrolling remained working (although the application-specific settings that PFE allowed to be set were ignored). However, clicking the wheel button and using if for auto-panning causes a problem - although the window does scroll, the flashing insertion point marker (the caret) disappears and is not restored when scrolling ended.

Version 1.00 of PFE should work correctly under Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. However, some problems may remain if you're using Windows 95

A work round to the immediate problem is to click on some other application, and then return to PFE. The caret will reappear and you can continue working.

To remove the problem entirely, you need to open the IntelliMouse Control Panel. Select the Wheel tab, where you'll see a section at the bottom labelled "Universal Scrolling"

If you uncheck the "Turn on Universal Scrolling" box, the driver will not supply external support for scrolling to applications, including PFE. However, PFE will still let you rotate the mouse wheel to scroll.

To make the change apply only to PFE, click the Exceptions button to add the PFE executable to a list of those that the driver will treat specially. Click on Add in the next dialog, and you'll then see a new dialog appear that asks where the executable is

Navigate to the PFE executable PFE32.EXE and select it, and then click Open to add it to the driver's list. Click on Close in the list dialog to end the operation.

The driver will now no longer provide mouse wheel support externally for PFE

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